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20/20 Imaging
Supreme Court ruling puts state boards
on notice.
By Editorial Staff
The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a landmark ruling in North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners v Federal Trade Commission, a case initiated with an FTC administrative complaint "alleging that the Board's concerted action to exclude nondentists from the market for teeth whitening services in North Carolina constituted an anticompetitive and unfair method of competition under the Federal Trade Commission Act."
By Susan McClelland
Physician Compare is a website that allows consumers to search for and obtain information about physicians and other health care professionals who provide Medicare services. It is important for doctors of chiropractic to know about this website and the information it contains.
By Todd Turnbull, DC, CCSP
The majority of patients with mild traumatic brain injuries recover within seven to 10 days. If concussion signs and symptoms continue beyond seven days, the diagnosis changes from acute concussion to post-concussion syndrome. Unfortunately, some patients continue to suffer from their concussion for years with little to no change in their condition.
By Thomas Michaud, DC
The tibialis posterior is the deepest, strongest and most central muscle of the leg, with fibers originating from the tibia, fibula and interosseous membrane. The tendon of the tibialis posterior forms in the distal third of the leg and angles sharply forward as it passes posterior to the medial malleolus.
By Robert Silverman, DC, MS, CCN, CSCS
A fairly recent discovery in nutrition supplemental medicine has proven to be a breakthrough in maintaining athletic joint health. Research suggests a combination of undenatured type-II collagen and tetrahydro-iso-alpha acids helps revitalize joint function and performance in athletes.
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Study reinforces low risk, comparable to primary care.
By Editorial Staff
The first population-based study in the United States to evaluate stroke risk following spinal manipulation – and the first involving older adults – suggests that
"[c]hiropractic cervical spine manipulation is unlikely to cause stroke in patients aged 66 to 99 years with neck pain."
By Paul Hooper, DC, MPH, MS
I want to give Dr. Claudia Anrig kudos for her Dec. 1, 2014 column, which highlighted safety issues youngsters might encounter in the home.1 Not surprisingly, since Dr. Anrig focuses her care on the pediatric patient, much of her attention was directed at suggestions to make children safer in the home. We should also consider similar changes to make the home environment safer for older people.
Is there a local MD you refer patients to (and who refers patients to you)?
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