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20/20 Imaging
By Todd Turnbull, DC, CCSP
"My wrist and hand hurt. I spend all day working on computers and then I come home and spend more time on a computer, usually playing video games." Health care providers hear this complaint with increasing frequency due to the increased use of computer finger pads and smartphones. Using a computer finger pad requires making small, exact movements with the index finger.
By William Morgan, DC and Clare Morgan, DC
Patients with above-the-knee amputations (AK or AKA) are particularly prone to developing hip flexor contractures. Not to be confused with muscle tightness, contractures are a permanent shortening of tissues which cause deformity or distortion.
By Sherry McAllister, DC, MS(ED), CCSP
My latest effort to share chiropractic occurred in mid-May while I was sitting at an introductory parent information night for high schoolers. The IT instructor informed us that each student would be receiving a computer for all their studies.
By Martha Brown Menard, PhD, LMT
The concept of levels of evidence is a cornerstone of research literacy and a great starting point for understanding basic principles of how research works. Health care in the U.S. has embraced an evidence-based standard of care – health care treatments or interventions used need to be empirically tested, and demonstrated to be both safe and effective.
Learn the keys to longevity from the people who live the longest.
By Lisa Killinger, DC
Aging is a significant public health problem, important to chiropractors in practice and important to DCs who teach students training to become chiropractors. Recently, I was leaving the Palmer College in Davenport, where I teach about aging well in my geriatrics class.
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By K. Jeffrey Miller, DC, MBA and Steven J. Kinkel, JD
It has been suggested that in the litigious environment in which we live, the practice of chiropractic should be defensive and practitioners should constantly be watching their backs.
By Mark Charrette, DC
Nearly every day in our practices, we see patients with chronic headaches that have not responded to traditional treatment. They present in our offices with a feeble hope that "maybe" a chiropractor can help.
Are you familiar with cryosauna technology?
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