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Why DCs can't opt out – and what you can do about it.
By Ronald Short, DC, MCS-P
As I speak around the country on how to properly document Medicare patient encounters, I get questions regarding opting out of Medicare. There are many misconceptions about opting out of Medicare, including just what it means to opt out.
Q&A With New Mexico DC
Dr. Stephen Perlstein (Pt. 1)
By Editorial Staff
Can you tell us a little about your background in the profession? Why did you want to become a DC? I studied at Boston University from 1968-1972 as a pre-med student majoring in biology. Late in my junior year, I decided I was not going to pursue medical school.
By Robert Silverman, DC, MS, CCN, CSCS
Specialized pro-resolving mediators, or SPMs, are a portion of the omega-3 fatty-acid spectrum that have been shown to have a powerful effect on reducing inflammation. In fact, SPMs represent a paradigm shift in how we regulate the inflammatory response in our patients. SPMs are poised to be the most effective inflammation treatment of the 21st century.
By Claudia Anrig, DC
Dr. Heidi Haavik has become known in the circle of chiropractic researchers as not only a rising star, but also one willing to do research that can have a major impact in the scientific world and how chiropractic is perceived. Let's learn more about Dr. Heidi and the importance of chiropractic research – including prenatal and pediatric chiropractic research – in this exclusive interview.
By Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB
Pain relief is still the No. 1 reason patients come to my office. However, most of my patients have other goals as well, such as: "I want to lose 10 to 20 pounds"; "I feel old and want to slow down the aging process"; "My doctor says I am becoming a diabetic and need to exercise"; or "I'm tired and want more energy."
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  Tempur Pedic Get Immediate Relief from Neck and Back Pain From Weightloss to Wellness: Nutritional Essentials Your One-Stop Shop for Chiropractic Supplies  
By Deborah Pate, DC, DACBR
Have you considered evaluating your patients for this problem? Sarcopenia is the progressive loss of skeletal muscle mass and function that affects the older population. Most people begin to lose modest amounts of muscle mass after age 30, but the loss of muscle strength increases exponentially with age.
By Editorial Staff
The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has launched a new service to help member doctors: a social media campaign called "Accelerator." Members will receive weekly social media messaging that can be copied / pasted directly into DCs' social media platforms and shared with patients and other followers.
If you could opt out of Medicare, would you?
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