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McCall's Magazine Praises Chiropractic

... This article focuses directly on the Meade study published in the British Medical
Journal last year (see July 4, 1991 issue of "DC," "British Researchers Show ...
www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=44410 - 74k

Research: A Challenge for the 21st Century

... In the Meade Study, the researchers did not care as much about a specific intervention;
they considered the entire approach, either hospital care or office care ...
www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=54643 - 76k

Prove It!!

... Fortunately, recent studies have forced most objective thinkers to reconsider the
value of chiropractic care: the "Meade Study" in the British Medical Journal ...
www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=43623 - 76k

National Survey Shows Alternative Health Care on the Rise

... chiropractic relieves chronic and severe pain, both immediate and long term, in
half the time it takes medical physicians; and the Meade study (published in ...
www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=42154 - 73k

KCA Continues Award-Winning "Doctor of Chiropractic" Videos

... offices. The seven-minute video covers the Wilk case, the Meade study, the
RAND study, the Manga Report, and the AHCPR Guidelines. ...
www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=40447 - 73k

The Nature of Evidence and Process

... at RAND, and the landmark clinical trials research by chiropractors such as Pat
Boline (NWCC's headache study) and Alan Breen (the "Meade" study) have placed ...
www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=40560 - 81k

Looking Forward to the Future of Chiropractic

... The Meade study, published in the British Medical Journal (1990 and 1995) and the
Manga Report in Ontario (1993 and 1998), found patient improvement ...
www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=53328 - 83k

British Researchers Show Chiropractic More Effective

... assured worldwide in the future. This study by Meade et. al. concluded
with a call for further research. Trials are needed which ...
www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=45359 - 76k

Chiropractic Found More Effective than Hospital Care in 3-Year

... This study is a follow up of the 1990 Meade et al. study. 2 At the time
of the 1990 report, not all the 741 patients (ages 18-64 ...
www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=40469 - 74k

Affirmative Action for Chiropractic?

... on acute low-back pain by the US Public Health Service's AHCPR, the Manga Report
from the Ontario Ministry of Health, and the British (Meade) study, to name ...
www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=37160 - 83k

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