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Air Date: December 10, 2014
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Avoiding "Just a Pop Doc" Syndrome

By Steven Visentin

Yes, it's harsh. Patients don't like to admit it. They have an unspoken plan when they first visit you: to come one time, get rid of their pain and then get rid of you. They know it's unrealistic, but they'd like to pay nothing for this service. The best thing you can do as their doctor is create an environment so they'll...

Home Safety: Help Families Avoid Common Injury Hazards at Home
By Claudia Anrig, DC

The Death of the Travel Card
By Douglas R. Briggs, DC, Dipl. Ac. (IAMA), DAAPM

Are You Ignoring the 10,000-Hour Rule?
By K. Jeffrey Miller, DC, DABCO

Why Drugs and Supplements Can't Cure Disease
By David Seaman, DC, MS, DABCN

Are You Ready for the 2016 Patient?
By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

Solving the Pain Puzzle
By Perry Nickelston, DC, FMS, SFMA

Solving the Pain Puzzle
Observation before touch: 4 important sources of information.

By Perry Nickelston, DC, FMS, SFMA

Legendary former New York Yankees baseball player Yogi Berra once said, "You can observe a lot just by watching." He would have been a great chiropractor. We are trained to become experts with our hands: palpation, adjusting, soft-tissue release, etc. Touch is critical for our work, helping us to discover what may be causing...

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DC App – The Next Generation
New interactive-rich format for iPad, Kindle & Android.

By Editorial Staff

According to a survey by technology firm CDW, health care professionals gain approximately 1.2 hours per day in productivity simply by using a tablet computer in practice. What's more, Pew Research Center reports that as of January 2014, 42 percent of U.S. adults own a tablet – an 8 percent jump in only four months. With the...

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Are You Ready for the 2016 Patient?

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

In October, Apple released its iOS 8 operating system for the iPhone and iPad. The new system includes Health, a new app that will interface with an ever-growing number of other apps. (If you're not familiar, the icon for the Health app is a heart on a white background.)

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