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Fixing a Major Practice Hurdle in Wisconsin

By Editorial Staff
Art of the Adjustment

Text Neck: Assess and Adjust

By Howard Pettersson, DC and J.R. Green, DC

The incidence of text neck has become so ubiquitous that some researchers have begun to call it an epidemic. One study suggests 79 percent of the young adult population (ages 18-44) use cell phones for most of their waking day, and are therefore vulnerable to repetitive strain injury of the upper back, neck and shoulders.

Marketing 101

Legos Lead to New Patients

By Bobbee Palmer, DC

It's time to examine a different way of envisioning the marketing and promotional flows in your office. This 10,000-foot perspective I like to call your practice's "marketing Legos." Much like the Legos we all played with as kids – now you get to sort them out in practice!

Billing Basics

VA and Medicare Billing: Case of the Missing Modifier

By Samuel A. Collins

When billing a VA claim under VA Choice, include this modifier for all PT codes in addition to any other modifier(s) required. It is also required for Medicare claims when billing for a physical medicine service and needing a denial for a secondary payment.

Practice Trends

Corporate Chiropractic (Pt. 2): The Dark Side

By John Hanks, DC

Last month's article made the case that the trend of corporations and franchises delivering chiropractic care might actually be positive. With all that said, there is also the "dark side" of the corporate/franchise world that is now controlling medicine. Eventually, this trend will challenge the practice of chiropractic, which is new to this arena.

Practice Pearls

Art of the Associateship: Success Is in the Finances

By James Anderson, DC and K. Jeffrey Miller, DC, MBA

In chiropractic, one of the most common financial relationships involves agreements between doctors who own a practice and their associate doctors. Unfortunately, these agreements frequently fail.

Performance Nutrition

Mineral Nutrition for Athletic Performance and Recovery

By Stephen Ashmead, MS, MBA

Many nutritive minerals are needed for maintaining a healthy body, which helps athletes to perform at their best. However, certain minerals that do more "heavy lifting" are more quickly depleted during athletic performance.

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