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Can Lasers Really Treat the Brain and Spinal Cord? – sponsored by Pivotal Health Solution
Air Date: September 17, 2015
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Data: The New Frontier in Health Care
Your chance to change policy, perception & paradigms.

By Robert Moberg

Your practice is empowered with the data you need to improve patient health, run a more efficient (read: profitable) practice, get paid in timely fashion and help show the efficacy of chiropractic on the national stage in the midst of sweeping changes in health care! Here's how you can make sure your outcomes data is...

Lower-Extremity Overuse Injuries: Primer on Causes and Corrections

By Mark Charrette, DC

From ankle sprains to stress fractures, shin splints to plantar fasciitis, the research is clear: These common overuse injuries of the lower extremities – among dozens of others – may be related to abnormal foot function in your patients.The average person will walk thousands of miles over their lifetime. An average of 5,117...

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ICD-10 Is Not Scary (and Not About Billing)
What you should – and shouldn't – be worried about as the Oct. 1 deadline approaches.

By John Davila, DC

In my 13 years of consulting with doctors on billing and coding matters, ICD-10 has aroused the biggest combination of misguided fear and ignorance I can remember. The good news is if you weren't prepared for ICD-10 last year, you were rewarded with an additional 365 days to get your act in gear. Unfortunately, the more I...

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Making Public Health a Chiropractic Priority

As highlighted in this edition's News in Brief, Rand Baird, DC, MPH, FICA, FICC, editor and occasional author of our long-running column, "Chiropractic in the American Public Health Association" (renamed "Chiropractic and the Public's Health" this year), was recognized by the organization recently for 40 years of membership....

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