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Chiropractic Research Review

Opening Access to Spine Care

Clinical and business arrangements that are patient based may create new opportunities for chiropractors to serve more patients and to reduce the friction that has characterized much of the interaction with other health care disciplines.

This is the thesis of this provocative and pragmatic examination of the possibilities for opening access to spine care in the rapidly evolving market.

The authors explore the new economic realities in the health care industry. They explain how evidence-based research is changing attitudes toward the role of chiropractic. They show that the medical, health policy, payer and political communities are choosing whether to deal with the value of chiropractic treatment as a matter of denial, partnership, or usurpation. This study proposes that strategies be developed to encourage more collaborative relationships and integrated clinical systems like those that are already showing their value to patients and the health professions.

Open access to spine care, the authors contend, must be based on the reality that there is a shift to a patient-centered, consumer-driven health market. Moreover, overcoming competition and friction between health disciplines is easiest to achieve if concern for the patient and patient outcomes, not turf wars between health care providers, is kept uppermost. The secret may be as simple as professionalism, courtesy, mutual trust and the recognition of the mutual benefits to be gained by collaboration, patient comanagement and cross referrals (DC-MD, MD-DC, MD-complementary, DC-complementary)-all with the aim of providing high-quality care and speeding patient recovery.

Triano JJ, Rashbaum RF, Hansen DT. Opening access to spine care in the evolving market: Integration and communication. Topics in Clinical Chiropractic, 1998;5(4), pp44-52. Reprints: Tel: (800) 248-0360

Chiropractic Research Review

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