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Chronic Low back Trouble Can Impair Information Processing

The objective of this study was to explain the association between cognitive impairment (such as slow reaction times and diminished short-term memory affecting psychomotor tasks) and chronic low back trouble (i.e., pain, psychological distress, and general disability).

The study involved 61 healthy controls and 68 patients (33 men and 35 women) with chronic low back trouble (LBT) who were participating in an active functional restoration back rehabilitation program.

The subjects' low back trouble was described and analyzed at the beginning of rehabilitation and in a follow-up assessment six months later. Measurement of cognitive impairment was done by having all subjects use a desktop computer's mouse and special foot pedals to react to arrow symbols flashed on the screen in random order and at random intervals. Because one's preferred hand performs better in motor tasks, the investigators examined whether chronic LBT hampers the functioning of short-term memory so that the preferred hand no longer has an advantage over the non-preferred hand.

Results: A significant interaction among groups, handedness, and rehabilitation was found in reaction times using two-choice and four-choice tests designed to measure information processing in the central nervous system. The preferred hand was faster among control subjects and slower for the chronic LBT patients at baseline. At follow-up, the preferred hand was faster among both the controls and the LBT patients.

Conclusions: Chronic low back trouble may hamper short-term memory function, resulting in decreased speed of information processing. However, the authors hesitate to state that the rehabilitation program was responsible for the improvement in speed, suggesting that other factors need to be considered.

Luoto S, Taimela S, Hurri H, Alaranta H. Mechanisms explaining the association between low back trouble and deficits in information processing: a controlled study with follow-up. Spine, Feb. 1, 1999;24(3), pp255-61.

Chiropractic Research Review

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