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Elements of Hip Extension/Abduction Dysfunction

The muscles involved in hip extension and abduction can be divided into postural and phasic components. Postural muscles have a tendency to become overactive, hypertonic, shortened and weakened in response to physical loading; phasic muscles become weak and inhibited.

Muscle imbalances may develop between muscles that have a tendency to develop tightness and other muscles prone to inhibition, such as the muscles involved in hip extension and abduction. The author of this study explores muscle function during hip extension/abduction, with particular attention paid to:

* patterns of normal muscle activation;
* altered movement patterns;
* hip extension; and
* abduction dysfunction.

The author also discusses treatment protocols for hip extension/abduction dysfunction, including the following stretching techniques: hold-relax, contract-relax and contract-relax-antagonist-contract.

Conclusion: Hip extension and abduction affecting the hip, sacroiliac and lumbar spine are commonly encountered in the chiropractic setting. Clinicians must understand the actions of the muscles associated with these movements and the muscular changes that can contribute to patient symptoms. Recognizing muscle imbalances and altered movement patterns allows clinicians to institute appropriate rehabilitation protocols to correct problems.

Fedoryk D. Hip extension and abduction dysfunction. Journal of Sports Chiropractic & Rehabilitation 2000:14(2), pp29-33.

Chiropractic Research Review

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