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Chiropractic in the New Millennium: Trends in Health Care Economics

The chiropractic profession has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to survive as a health discipline. The profession's international presence has gained increased acceptance with favorable public opinion and research evidence of clinical effectiveness.

As the 21st century dawns, the profession must continue its growth by staying aware of economic factors and forces within the health care arena that may have an impact on the profession.

This article examines key features of health economics relating to the chiropractic profession, particularly those factors likely to have a significant impact on chiropractic in the next decade. The author notes that "The recommendations and key points made are intended to stimulate discussion by chiropractic leaders in colleges and universities, membership organizations, networks and physician panels, and students..." Topics discussed include: history of the profession's accomplishments; past challenges and social impact; and future trends and challenges confronting the profession.

The article's well-known author, Pran Manga, raises several controversial issues for chiropractic, such as:

* competition between disciplines to provide manipulative care;

* conflict with other professions to provide rehabilitation, functional assessment and diagnostic procedures;

* potential oversupply of chiropractors; and

* the need for the profession to define its role and supply legitimacy for it.

Conclusion: The economic environment in the 21st century will drive key social decisions regarding health care expenditures. The author recognizes that more formal research and analysis are needed to structure institutional planning and policy. He professes that it is essential that the chiropractic profession position itself to adapt to these changing economic conditions.

Manga P. Trends in health care economics and their impact on chiropractic practice. Topics in Clinical Chiropractic, March 2000:7(1), pp48-52. Reprints: (800) 638-8437

Chiropractic Research Review

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