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Chiropractic Research Review

Building Chiropractic with the Written Word

Chiropractic's first century has witnessed significant progress in the quantity and quality of clinical and research literature relevant to the profession. Unfortunately, statistics show that this literature is neither widely read nor subscribed to within the profession.

This article discusses the need for increased interest in and understanding of research and scholarly literature by chiropractors. The author details accomplishments related to scientific publishing in chiropractic. Some of these achievements include the development of credible journals; publication of high-quality papers; acceptance of chiropractors as experts in their field; and improved internal acceptance of research by the chiropractic profession.

The author notes that for the profession to remain competitive within the health care marketplace, particularly with other disciplines offering conservative treatment options, it must retain a leadership position in research and scholarly writing. To this end, the author offers the following "key points" as conclusion:

* Professional survival will increasingly depend upon effective application of clinical interventions detailed in scientific and scholarly literature.

* Research training should be given increased priority within chiropractic college curriculums.

* Practitioners should learn scientific writing so they can prepare (at the least) case reports.

* DCs should support chiropractic research publications and, if necessary, develop skills necessary to evaluate and understand journal articles.

Lawrence DJ. Scientific publishing and scholarship. Topics in Clinical Chiropractic 2000:7(1), pp39-42.
Reprints: (800) 638-8437

Chiropractic Research Review

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