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Turf Toe: Clinical Presentation and Management

Turf toe is an inflammatory condition of the great toe that can affect any individual who overloads the structural integrity of the metatarsalphalangeal (MP) joint. Turf toe is especially common in athletes subjected to constant provocative positions (i.e., catchers and goalies), and its overall incidence has increased dramatically with the increased utilization of artificial turf.

This paper discusses the characteristics of a patient presenting with turf toe and presents general management strategies for use in everyday clinical practice.

The authors propose that chiropractic management of turf toe may involve manipulation of the MP joint and navicular bone, mobilization of metatarsals, transverse friction therapy, ice massage, and the use of custom-made orthotics. They also suggest that manipulation of the MP (and other) joints can positively influence neurophysiologic function, including disruption of collagenous adhesions, restoration of proprioception, reduction of muscular contracture and prevention/reversal of degenerative changes.

Glasco W, Glasco G. Conservative evaluation and intervention of a sport-related injury: turf toe. Journal of Sports Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, June 1998;12(2), pp82-85.

Chiropractic Research Review

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