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Fighting Asthma with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Qigong Yangsheng is the health-promoting method of traditional Chinese medicine which combines movement, mental exercise and breathing techniques. This pilot study investigated if Qigong Yangsheng could be used as a complementary therapeutic measure to treat asthma patients.

Thirty asthma patients suffering at varying degrees of severity with their illness were taught Qigong Yangsheng under clinical supervision.

They were asked to exercise independently and keep a diary of their symptoms, including peak-flow measurements three times daily; use of medication; frequency and length of exercise; as well as four asthma-relevant symptoms (sleeping through the night, coughing, expectoration or dyspnea).

Results showed that improvements (asthmatics who could show a decrease of at least 10 percent in their peak-flow variability) occurred decidedly more frequently in the group of exercisers than in the group of non-exercisers. There were also reductions in hospitalization rate, sickness leave, antibiotic use and emergency consultation, resulting in reduced treatment costs. Treatment of asthma may be achieved by regular self-conducted qigong exercises.

Reuther I. Qigong Yangsheng als komple-mentare therapie bei asthma. Akupunktur: Theorie und Praxis, 1997;25(4), pp286-95. Reprints: Tel: (05 81) 808150; Fax: (05 81) 808158

Chiropractic Research Review

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