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Making Informed Choices about Vaccinations

The effects of many vaccines on the autoimmune system can be as large or larger than their effects on the permanent sequelae of the infectious diseases. A discussion of vaccination techniques in the management and prevention of such diseases as polio, diabetes and influenza concludes that the potential exists for vaccinations to damage organs and spread the diseases which the vaccines are designed to prevent.

Live oral polio vaccines have been shown to induce polio at a rate of 0.2 cases per 100,000; this observation has caused some countries (including the U.S.) to give a killed polio vaccine instead of the live vaccine. In the case of the hemophilus influenza vaccine, doses often serve to immunize rather than treat; the result is that three or four doses of hemophilus influenza vaccine are routinely introduced into the bodies of children who will never be infected with hemophilus meningitis in the first place. HIB vaccination may only prevent 30-36 cases of meningitis per 100,000. The effects of vaccines on insulin-dependent diabetes (IDDM) may exceed the effect of a vaccine on an infectious complication; even a small rise in IDDM (i.e., 200 cases per 100,000) following immunization can result in a much larger number of children developing diabetes.

These findings suggest that while vaccines carry great potential for benefits, there are risks which should also be considered. Clinicians and patients must have information on and understanding of the complete effects of vaccines, so that informed decisions can be made regarding their use in the prevention of disease.

Risks of immunization. For more information, visit this website: http://www.vaccines.net

Chiropractic Research Review

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