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Help Patients Take the Sting out of Blisters

Blisters form when the skin rubs against another surface, causing friction. A tear occurs within the upper layers of the skin, forming a space into which fluid seeps. Blisters are especially common among people who participate in physical activities, but they can affect anyone who engages in repetitive motion, especially involving the hands or feet.

Prevention techniques are aimed at minimizing the potential for friction, and include:

* selecting appropriate shoes;
* layering socks;
* using padded insoles or gloves;
* applying powders or petroleum jelly.

A discussion of treatment/care strategies provides a variety of specific tactics for dealing with blisters should they occur. Prompt treatment may help prevent infections, substantially diminish pain intensity, and reduce time away from physical activities. Chiropractors should let their patients know more about blisters because they are so common and can frequently be minimized or altogether eliminated with appropriate preventative care.

Ramsey ML. Avoiding and treating blisters. Physician and Sportsmedicine, Dec. 1997;25(12), pp91-92.

Chiropractic Research Review

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