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Hip Rotation Unaffected by Gender or Position

The assessment of joint mobility is useful in evaluating flexibility deficits, monitoring patient progress, and determining appropriate treatment protocols. The general lack of descriptive details concerning hip range-of-motion (ROM) measurements and the need for normative joint ROM values prompted this study of 60 healthy college students.

To investigate the potential influence of gender and hip flexion position on active ROM in external and internal hip rotation, hip rotation of each subject's dominant leg was measured in the prone and seated positions using a standard goniometer.

Results showed that active hip ROM in external rotation was approximately 45 degrees when measured in the prone position.

When measured seated, external rotation was similar to internal rotation measured prone or seated - about 35 degrees in all three measurement conditions. Females showed greater active hip internal/external rotation than males, but no significant association was found between gender and position or direction of rotation.

These findings illustrate the importance of accurately documenting measurement position and the need for established representative norms based on hip position and gender. Clinicians should consider these results when evaluating patients presenting with hip range-of-motion deficits.

Simoneau GG, Hoenig KJ, Lepley JE, et al. Influence of hip position and gender on active hip internal and external rotation. Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, Sept. 1998:28(3), pp158-64.

Chiropractic Research Review

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