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Is Hip Motion Asymmetry Related to Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction?

The sacroiliac joint is considered a potential site for low-back pain. Although problems with the sacroiliac joint and the low back have commonly been related to reduced or asymmetric range of motion in the hip, the correlation between sacroiliac joint dysfunction and hip range of motion has not been thoroughly investigated.

This study of 100 low-back-pain patients examined the possibility that a characteristic pattern of range of motion in the hip is related to low-back pain, even without signs of sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Patients presenting with low-back pain but without evidence of sacroiliac joint dysfunction had significantly greater external hip rotation than internal rotation bilaterally. Patients with evidence of sacroiliac dysfunction had significantly more external hip rotation than internal rotation unilaterally, specifically on the side of a clinically detected posterior innominate.

Take Note: For years, chiropractors have purported that spinal movement asymmetries are related to low-back pain. Chiropractors should take the results of this study into consideration, and evaluate for unilateral asymmetry in hip range of motion in patients presenting with low-back pain. The presence of such asymmetry may help identify the presence of sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Cibulka MT, Sinacore DR, et al. Unilateral hip rotation range of motion asymmetry in patients with sacroiliac joint regional pain. Spine, May 1998;23(9), pp1009-15.

Chiropractic Research Review

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