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Lumbar Lordosis - Sit or Stand?

The effect of sitting versus standing posture on lumbar lordosis was studied retrospectively by radiographic analysis of 109 patients with low-back pain, to document changes in segmental and total lumbar lordosis between sitting and standing radiographs.

Total and segmental lumbar lordosis

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from L1 to S1 were assessed using the Cobb angle measurements of the lateral radiographs of the lumbar spine obtained with the patient in the sitting and standing positions. Lumbar lordosis averaged 49° standing and 34° sitting from L1 to S1; 47° standing and 33° sitting from L2 to S1; 31° standing and 22° sitting from L4 to S1; and 18° standing and 15° sitting from L5 to S1.

Lord MJ, Small JM, Dinsay JM, Watkins RG. Lumbar lordosis. Effects of sitting and standing. Spine, Nov. 1997;22(21), pp2571-4.

Chiropractic Research Review

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