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A Question of Ethics
Recently, after I had finished teaching a class on ethics, I  read a blog post on the AAAOM
website regarding "gainful employment." The published information made me reflect on what I had just discussed with the students — the acupuncturists' ethical responsibility to the patient, the profession and the public.

Embracing the Future in Your Office

By Steven Kraus, DC, DIBCN, CCSP, FASA, FICC

Dr. Steven J. Kraus is the CEO of Future Health, Inc., a leading provider of chiropractic-specific electronic health records / practice management software. He has more than 22 years of experience in practice management and is an acknowledged expert in health information technology, including EHR and the ARRA government incentive for meaningful use of health IT. He serves on numerous committees and travels frequently to Washington, D.C., to represent chiropractic physicians in health care discussions and policy-making. For additional information, visit www.futurehealthsoftware.com.

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Three Rules to Avoid Buyer's Remorse: Shopping Smart for the Digital Clinic
Shopping Smart for the Digital Clinic
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The Return on the Digital Investment
Why the EHR ROI Is Making Digital Inevitable
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What Are the Early Adopters Telling Us?
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Looking for Health Care Quality Outcomes With EHRs
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A Tale From the Trenches
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High-Tech Hostage Negotiations
Ending Audits Successfully With Clinic Technology
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Technology Will Prove and Improve Your Standard of Care
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State Licensing Boards vs. Generic Documentation
When Will EHR Make It to Your Practice?
     July 16, 2007 (Vol. 25, Issue 15)
How to Stop Giving It Away for Free
     June 18, 2007 (Vol. 25, Issue 13)
HIPAA: It's Not About Privacy, It's About Driving You to the Digital Tipping Point
When Will EHR Make It to Your Practice?
     May 21, 2007 (Vol. 25, Issue 11)
Plan of Care for the Digital Clinic, Part 2
     April 23, 2007 (Vol. 25, Issue 09)
Plan of Care for the Digital Clinic, Part 1
     March 26, 2007 (Vol. 25, Issue 07)
Informed Consent in the Digital Clinic
     February 26, 2007 (Vol. 25, Issue 05)
Reducing the Side Effects of Managed Care
     January 29, 2007 (Vol. 25, Issue 03)
EHR Is Coming - Will Chiropractic Be Prepared?
     October 26, 2006 (Vol. 24, Issue 22)
Science Fiction or Digital Documentation
Will the Red Pill Reveal That Paper Has a Limited Future in Your Office?
     June 20, 2006 (Vol. 24, Issue 13)
The Silver Lining in the OIG Report
     May 8, 2006 (Vol. 24, Issue 10)
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