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"Pain in America" Set to Make a Splash

The first showing of the new documentary "Pain in America – the Silver Tsunami" took place at Southern California University of Health Sciences on the evening of July 25, 2013.

The film is the result of more than 60 hours of interviews shot primarily on several chiropractic college campuses. Through these numerous interviews, the movie addresses how chiropractic can be an important solution to the rising cost of caring for the nation's aging population. As the film states, more than 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day.

The documentary was produced by Don Barrett, who also wrote and directed the film, and Dr. June Rogers. It presents 22 "chapters" of information including the following:

  • What Chiropractors Do – Scope of Practice
  • A Doctor's Dilemma – MD Talks About Abuse of Meds
  • History of Chiropractic – "I Can Hear the Wagons…"
  • Acceptance of Chiropractic by Medical Community
  • A Chiropractic Exam – Patient Education for the Public
  • The Patients Speak Up – Chiropractic's Benefits
  • Veterans Administration – Believes in Chiropractic Care
  • The Making of a Chiropractor – Education and Training
  • Chiropractic Research – The Game Changer

The documentary was conceived during a series of visits Barrett made to Dr. Rogers. Plagued with lower back pain for more than 20 years, he decided to give chiropractic a try, with (as you might expect) tremendous results:

"After two decades of dealing with injections and talk of major surgery, I was astonished that following several treatments, I was essentially pain free," he said. "I began asking Dr. Rogers why I'd read so little about chiropractic in the popular press. Her answer caused me to ask more questions, including one that became the basis of the documentary: How the nation's health care system was prepared to treat the 79 million baby boomers, [who will be] crossing the age of 65 between now and 2029.

In making the 56-minute documentary, which Barrett says will air on PBS and is also available in DVD and extended audio-book format, "We recorded over 60 hours of interviews with Doctors of Chiropractic, educators, world-class researchers and one particularly renowned professor at Stanford University Medical School. After 10 months of production, we had a program that I believe is the most comprehensive documentary ever made on the subject of chiropractic."

He continued: "This has been confirmed by the responses of those who've attended sneak-preview screenings held at chiropractic colleges across the U.S. As soon as the network provides us with an air date, we'll make certain to spread the word in print and online.

"Perhaps the most exciting element is the 'ripple effect'. Millions will view the program on television and DVD. Some of them will see a chiropractor to treat their own pain issues and then tell others of the difference it's made in their lives – and the ripples will spread."

Don Barrett has been an award-winning documentary filmmaker for the past 36 years. His various programs have sold more than four million units in VHS and DVD. Look for information on airing dates for "Pain in America: The Silver Tsunami" as soon as they are available.


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