Dynamic Chiropractic – January 29, 2004, Vol. 22, Issue 03

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Publisher Blue Poppy Joins ChiroMall

By Editorial Staff
Established in 1982, Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc., is the world's largest English-language publisher of books and educational products about Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Starting with a single self-published, self-promoted book, Blue Poppy now publishes 83 titles - from translations of pre-modern masters to new contemporary clinical manuals that help bridge the gap between Western and Chinese medicine.
With so many chiropractors integrating and referring patients to acupuncture care, these are vital resources for all chiropractors looking to increase their knowledge of Eastern medicine.

DCs are required to use their unique user ID and password to review and purchase Blue Poppy products on ChiroMall, which is designed to only allow doctors of chiropractic to view and purchase products. This protects doctors from having patients buy products around them, or even knowing what DCs paid for particular products.

ChiroMall is located at www.ChiroMall.com. All DCs were given their unique user ID and password in the Oct. 6, 2003 issue. If you don't know your unique user ID and password, you can request it via e-mail at: . Please provide your name, address and license number.


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