Dynamic Chiropractic – August 1, 2014, Vol. 32, Issue 15

F4CP: New Campaign to Promote Chiropractic as a Career

By Editorial Staff

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) has announced a "targeted cooperative campaign" that will engage doctors of chiropractic and chiropractic students, as well as chiropractic colleges, chiropractic media, state associations and vendors, to encourage DCs to recommend a chiropractic career to patients, family and friends.

The F4CP will jump-start the "Recommend One" campaign by providing marketing support in the form of advertising, public relations and social media, and Retired Brigadier General Rebecca Hasltead will serve as campaign spokesperson.

"Recommend One not only fulfills our mission, but also unites all sectors of the chiropractic profession under a common purpose – to ensure the future of chiropractic," said Kent S. Greenawalt, foundation chairman. "We are honored to bring forth such an important campaign, and look forward to its success." The campaign will formally launch during the Florida Chiropractic Association's National Convention & Expo in late August, according to Greenawalt.

While "Recommend One" is still in its earliest stages and the F4CP has not finalized details as of press time, the foundation "will look to establish partners in all areas to carry out the following sample activities":

Doctor and Student Initiatives

  • Display Recommend One posters in chiropractic offices.
  • Display Recommend One materials in office with business reply.
  • Participate in community outreach at junior colleges and health and science programs.
  • Start a mentor program.

Recommend One - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark A poster designed for chiropractic office use as part of the F4CP's "Recommend One" campaign. College Initiatives

  • Publish information about Recommended One in alumni publications.
  • Promote Recommend One at homecomings.
  • Recognize referring doctors at events and in publications.
  • Recognize vendors who offer scholarships at events.
  • Encourage students to connect with peers, family and friends.

State Association Initiatives

  • Outreach program: Identify DCs willing to go into community and approach students in health and science programs.
  • Be community organizers.
  • Events / Seminars: Ask for participation by DCs and distribute literature and marketing materials.
  • Promote on Web and in e-newsletters and promotional materials.

Media Initiatives

  • Publish positive articles and testimonials about the profession.
  • Run Recommend One ads.
  • Recognize vendors who offer scholarships.
  • Publicize top referring doctors.

Vendor Initiatives

  • Include Recommended One materials in product packages.
  • Mail Recommend One posters to DCs for office use.
  • Promote Recommend One verbally and through handouts at seminars.
  • Include Recommend One logo in ads, marketing materials and websites.
  • Contribute money to scholarship funds.

Initial development of Recommend One was prompted by an industry survey that suggests "doctors are willing and, in some cases, already choosing to recommend chiropractic as a career," said Greenawalt. "This campaign will provide complementary tools to doctors of chiropractic to educate prospective students."


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