Dynamic Chiropractic – May 15, 2014, Vol. 32, Issue 10

News in Brief

By Editorial Staff

NBCE President Dr. Norman Ouzts Jr. and ACC Executive Director David O'Bryon presented 10 research awards of $1,000 apiece at this year's Association of Chiropractic Colleges Research Agenda Conference (ACC-RAC).

Papers and researchers honored for their work included the following:

  • "Clinical Outcomes Using the Boot Camp for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Program: A Retrospective Study" – Carlo Ammendolia
  • "Biomechanical and Physiological Responses to Spinal Manipulation: The Role of Preload Forces" – François Nougarou, et al.
  • "Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and Lower- Limb Motor Control: The Impact of Walking-Induced Strain on a Performance-Based Outcome Measure" – Steven Passmore, et al.
  • "Spinal Manipulation Can Increase Trunk Mechanical Thresholds of Lateral Thalamic Neurons" – William Reed, et al.
  • "Metabolic Changes in the Brain and Cervical Muscles on Patients With Neck Pain Following Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation: [18F]FDG PET Analysis" – Takeshi Ogura, et al.
  • "Acute / Subacute Neck Pain Patients Are More Satisfied With Spinal Manipulation or Self-Care Compared to Medication" – Brent Leininger, et al.
  • "Functional Connectivity Changes Following Manipulative and Body-Based Interventions: A Preliminary Report" – Charles Gay, et al.
  • "Assessing the Change in Attitudes, Knowledge, and Perspectives of Medical Students to Chiropractic After an Educational Intervention" – Jessica Wong, et al.
  • "Can Formative Quizzes Improve Summative Exam Performance?" – Niu Zhang, et al.
  • "Development and Psychometric Evaluation of an Information Literacy Self-Efficacy Survey and an Information Literacy Knowledge Test" – Rodger Tepe, et al.


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