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Dynamic Chiropractic – December 16, 2012, Vol. 30, Issue 26

News in Brief

By Editorial Staff

A Big Win for Chiropractic at the Polls

The American Chiropractic Association's Political Action Committee (ACA-PAC) has announced that a whopping 87 percent of its endorsed pro-chiropractic incumbents and candidates who ran for political office in the 2012 election cycle were victorious.

As of press time, 90 ACA-PAC-endorsed candidates had won their races and only 11 had lost.

The ACA-PAC also noted that South Dakota proved to be a particularly active state for chiropractic candidates, with five DCs and a chiropractic assistant on the ballots for various legislative positions. Of the five DCs, two were victorious (Dr. Scott Munsterman re-elected to the S.D. House of Representatives, Dr. Jeff Monroe to the S.D. Senate), while Drs. Tom Stotz and Fred Deutsch each finished third in their respective races for the S.D. House. Dr. John Chicoine just missed being elected to the S.D. Senate, winning 49 percent of the vote. And chiropractic assistant Jenna Haggar, also on the ballet for S.D. House of Representatives, was victorious in her quest for re-election.

Palmer College Expands DoD / VA Internship Program

Palmer College of Chiropractic recently announced an academic affiliation with the Martinsburg VA Medical Center in Martinsburg, W.V., extending the college's chiropractic internship program to include 14 facilities. According to Palmer, the program "provides senior-level interns from all three Palmer campuses with an opportunity to work alongside a staff Doctor of Chiropractic located in a Department of Defense military treatment facility or a Veterans Affairs medical center. The intern gains valuable insight into how the D.C. works with health professionals from other disciplines to benefit patients. Interns provide chiropractic care and, depending on the location, may also rotate among other departments, observing procedures and interacting with medical interns or residents."

Shawn Neff, DC, a 2003 graduate of Palmer, is the staff chiropractor at the Martinsburg VA Medical Center and will be supervising the chiropractic internship program at the center. To learn more about Palmer's DoD / VA Chiropractic Internship Program, click here.

NUHS Naturopathic Medicine Program Receives Accreditation

The Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME), the accrediting body for naturopathic medicine, has granted accreditation to National University of Health Sciences' naturopathic medicine program. Recognition from the council makes National's naturopathic degree program one of only seven accredited programs in North America and the only program in the Midwest.

"The goal of our university is to prepare medical professionals from differing specialities who can work together as colleagues, rather than competitors, to improve patient outcomes," commented James Winterstein, DC, president of National University of Health Sciences. "Our naturopathic program, although relatively new, is thriving and continues to attract an exceptionally high caliber of faculty and students."

The first class of naturopathic medicine students entered National's program in fall 2006 and graduated in 2009, while the program had candidacy status from the CNME.


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