Dynamic Chiropractic – August 12, 2012, Vol. 30, Issue 17

End of an Era in Chiropractic Education

NUHS President Dr. James Winterstein to retire in 2013.

By Editorial Staff

Tom Schonauer, chair of National University of Health Sciences' Board of Trustees, made the announcement to university alumni, faculty and staff on June 23, 2012 at the NUHS homecoming event, and the rest of the chiropractic world learned the same in a university press release three days later: Dr. James Winterstein, longtime president of NUHS, will retire in 2013.

The board has selected its candidate to succeed Dr. Winterstein at the NUHS helm: Joseph Stiefel, DC, MS, who is currently pursuing a doctorate in education.

"I had let the board know that I wished to retire several years ago," said Dr. Winterstein, who turns 70 next April and has served on the NUHS faculty for more than 40 years. "It was my intent that the board could then establish a smooth transition plan in the best interests of the university." According to the NUHS press release announcing Dr. Winterstein's retirement, the board formed its transition committee in April 2011, and has voted to grant the title of President Emeritus to Dr. Winterstein upon his retirement.

"Jim Winterstein has done an excellent job," said Schonauer on behalf of the NUHS board. "Overall, we believe the university has been very well managed under him: It's financially solid, it has talented people, there is constant improvement and expansion of programs and facilities. If he weren't in a position to retire, we'd have loved to have him stay on."

Dr. Winterstein's successor, Dr. Steifel, is the current dean of the College of Professional Studies at NUHS' Florida campus. Said Dr. Steifel: "It's an honor to be asked to serve the institution, especially as an alumnus. It's been a pleasure and an honor to work with Dr. Winterstein ... I look forward to his continued involvement as President Emeritus as part of the long-term transition process."

Dr. Winterstein has agreed to an interview with DC, scheduled to be completed within the next few weeks. Look for a follow-up article in an upcoming issue.


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