March 16, 2012

F4CP Develops Educational Tool Kit on the Patient-Centered Medical Home

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) is pleased to present doctors of chiropractic with its comprehensive tool kit, "A Doctor of Chiropractic's Guide to PCMH Success." Developed to help DCs leverage the foundation's recently released white paper, The Role of Chiropractic Care in the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)," the tool kit provides added resources and guidance regarding PCMH participation.

"This guide will help DCs thoroughly understand the PCMH concept and process, and the roles available to them," said Dr. Gerard Clum, a contributor to both the white paper and tool kit. "It provides materials to help familiarize oneself with the model, and initiate constructive dialogue with local PCMH organizers as well as outline the potential role of a DC as a PCMH director."

The F4CP tool kit includes a national PCMH directory, an introductory letter intended for primary care physicians and an all-inclusive FAQ section. In accordance with the white paper, these materials will help to educate and lead DCs in their journey to PCMH involvement.

According to Guy D'Andrea, managing partner of Discern Consulting, the firm that developed the F4CP white paper, "The goals of the PCMH - better patient care and outcomes at a lower cost - clearly aligned with the value DCs can offer. We hope that the white paper and the tool kit can foster meaningful relationships that provide DCs with a meaningful role in patient-centered care."

"It is important that chiropractic professionals take advantage of what has been laid out for them in regards to the PCMH opportunities," added Dr. Clum. "These materials provide the potential for chiropractic to be recognized for its valuable service, and allow DCs to work simultaneously with other providers within mainstream healthcare establishments. The benefits can only grow from here."
Source: Foundation for Chiropractic Progress


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