September 11, 2009

ICPA Study on Safety/Effectiveness of Pediatric Chiropractic Published

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association's groundbreaking study, "The Safety and Effectiveness of Pediatric Chiropractic: A Survey of Chiropractors and Parents in a Practice-Based Research Network," has been published in the prestigious, biomedical journal Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing.

The objective of this study was to describe the practice of pediatric chiropractic, including its safety and effectiveness.

Results of the study showed that "the indicated primary reason for chiropractic care of children was 'wellness care.'" With respect to condition-based presentations, musculoskeletal conditions were the most common, in addition to nonmusculoskeletal conditions of childhood. The most common techniques used were diversified technique, Gonstead technique, Thompson technique, and Activator.

Treatment-associated complications were not indicated by the chiropractic and parent responders. Chiropractor responders indicated three adverse events per 5,438 office visits from the treatment of 577 children. The parent responders indicated two adverse events from 1,735 office visits involving the care of 239 children. Both sets of responders indicated a high rate of improvement with respect to the children's presenting complaints, in addition to salutary effects unrelated to the children's initial clinical presentations."

Dr. Joel Alcantara, presenting author, commented: "This paper shows the preliminary results of the ICPA's Children's PBRN - Phase One. The final data is now compiled and we have begun data collection for Phase Two of our Children's PBRN. We are pleased that a major CAM journal respects the importance of chiropractic care for children and we foresee greater collaboration with the CAM community on the importance of chiropractic care for children."

The ICPA/ PBRN is the largest, practice-based research network in the profession. We encourage doctors to participate in this unique opportunity to establish clinically relevant, evidence-based research for family care.

To view the abstract of the study, visit All current doctors who have participated in our Children's PBRN are eligible to receive a copy of the paper. Please e-mail for a free copy. All other doctors can order their copy by clicking here.

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Source: International Pediatric Chiropractic Association.


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