Dynamic Chiropractic – January 15, 2008, Vol. 26, Issue 02

New Diagnostic Codes for the New Year

By Samuel A. Collins

Q: Are there new or updated diagnosis codes for 2008? Do I need to get a new diagnosis code book?

A: For every new year, there are new and updated codes for the International Classification of Diseases, Volume 9 (ICD-9).

For 2008, there are 591 new and/or updated codes. While that may appear to be earth-shattering and make a need for the new edition, it's not what it appears to be. Unlike the 2007 ICD-9 changes and additions to pain and compartment syndromes, the 2008 updates have virtually no impact on the chiropractic profession, as there are no meaningful changes to pain or neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

The 2008 changes update muscular dystrophy and other myopathies, avian influenza, jaw necrosis, dysphagia, family history of heart disease and myocardial infarction, multiple endocrine neoplasm syndrome (MENS), other endocrine and metabolic disea-ses, dual sensory impairment, disability examinations, medical certificates, and exposure to harmful toxins and algae. It's not that you should be "in the dark" on these codes; it just may not warrant a revamping of your diagnosis coding books.

There are many publications available from the ChiroCode Institute, the AMA and other medical booksellers that will have the 2008 updates. You also can access, without cost, all current ICD-9 codes at www.flashcode.com.

If you have a 2007 edition of the ICD-9, my general recommendation is there is no need for a new purchase if solely for the changes in 2008. However, should you only have a 2006 version, it's time to update because the 2007 changes were applicable to chiropractic.

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