Dynamic Chiropractic – May 7, 2007, Vol. 25, Issue 10

Statue Unveiling to Commemorate Parker College's 25th Anniversary

By Editorial Staff

Parker College of Chiropractic will mark its 25th anniversary with the unveiling of a life-size bronze statue of the college's founder, Dr. James W. Parker, during a special anniversary celebration on Friday, June 1, 2007.

The unveiling will be one of the many highlights of the Dallas Parker Seminar and Homecoming License Renewal Extravaganza, to be held May 31-June 2 on the Parker College campus.

image - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark "We are celebrating 25 years of service, scholarship and achievement," said Fabrizio Mancini, president of Parker College and Parker Seminars. "The statue of Dr. Parker will be on permanent display in the campus courtyard as a reminder of the bold visionary who made the dream of Parker College a reality and set the course for our school as we know it today. This will be an extraordinary day in the life of Parker College and one that is a fitting testament to the man so many lovingly called Dr. Jim."

Parker College opened its doors in September 1982 with 27 students. "That day marked the fulfillment of Dr. Parker's dream to open a chiropractic college that taught more than the required philosophy, science and chiropractic classes," said Dr. Mancini. "Dr. Jim wanted Parker students to learn to not only be great doctors and healers, but to also be great business leaders who will positively impact their communities. Today, the integration of the Parker principles and procedures is one of the hallmarks of a Parker education."

image - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark The original campus, located in Irving, Texas, moved to its present Dallas location in 1989. Today, there are more than 4,000 Parker graduates practicing in all 50 states and living in 24 foreign countries.

Parker students begin their clinical experience in the first trimester, providing them with hands-on experience from day one. Nine techniques are taught over the nine trimesters in which DC degree students are enrolled. In addition to the basic and clinical sciences, students study jurisprudence, office procedures and business management to help them more fully prepare for their chiropractic career.

Known for its innovative programs, Parker College sponsors the Clinic Abroad program, the first of its kind among U.S. chiropractic colleges. The program allows Parker students the opportunity to study and live in Mexico. Each trimester, a group of Parker students study at the Universidad Estatal del Valle de Ecatepec (UNEVE), located in Mexico City. They develop their chiropractic skills by serving as interns for four hours a day in the public clinic and the local hospital. Students also study the Spanish language for four hours each day, have weekend field trips to learn about the rich Mexican culture, visit museums, pyramids, churches, and much more.

"These experiences are a total immersion of the culture, language and health needs of the country," said Dr. Mancini. "We are now setting in motion plans to expand the program to other countries. Starting in May, our students will have additional opportunities to participate in a Clinic Abroad program in Costa Rica inside the Olympic Committee, serving all athletes of that country."

Parker's After Hours Clinic is one of the newest programs initiated by the college this year. This program provides Parker students with opportunities to visit and learn from field doctors in an actual clinic setting. Parker alumni open their practice to students "after clinic hours" and through lively, interactive sessions, the students gain first-hand, working knowledge of life after chiropractic college.

Students may also participate in volunteer activities such as the 3-Day Walk and the annual food drive for the North Texas Food Bank. Extracurricular activities include various clubs, organizations and athletic activities. "We want our students to leave us fully prepared to lead a life of service. Their education does not happen only in the classroom. We provide the opportunities and the student can then make the most of those opportunities set before them," said Dr. Mancini.

"Since its inception, Parker College has taught the heart, hands and minds of future chiropractors. By connecting with the depth of passion, strength and commitment our students possess, we empower them to do great things for their patients and our profession. I believe Dr. Parker would be pleased with the college Parker has grown to be."

For further information about the 25th anniversary celebration activities and the Dallas seminar, visit www.parkerseminars.com.


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