Dynamic Chiropractic – February 12, 2007, Vol. 25, Issue 04

What to Know About Coding Changes for 2007

By Samuel A. Collins

Q: Are there any coding changes for chiropractors in 2007?

A: Well, that's somewhat of a loaded question, as coding has three elements: diagnosis (ICD-9), treatment (CPT), and durable and nondurable medical equipment (HCPCS).

In an earlier column (www.chiroweb.com/archives/24/24/06.html), I addressed changes for diagnosis in 2007. As far as procedure coding (CPT codes), specifically physical medicine, there were no changes to the codes for 2007. Therefore, continue to use the same codes from 2006; there is no urgent need to update to a 2007 edition of the code book. However, I do recommend that you have at least the 2006 edition, as there were updates to the physical medicine codes in 2006, specifically the codes relating to diathermy and orthotic fitting and training.

For durable medical equipment, such as braces and supports under HCPCS codes, there were no major changes in 2007 with regard to the common supplies and equipment dispensed in a chiropractic office. Codes for lumbar supports were updated in 2006, but had no further changes this year. The code for pillow was updated in 2005 and also has had no changes since. While a complete HCPCS text is always useful, I can offer a list of the 40 most common codes for supplies. Just send me an e-mail and I will provide you with a copy.

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