Dynamic Chiropractic – July 16, 2006, Vol. 24, Issue 15

Giving Our Cheerleaders Something to Cheer About

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

As you watch the popular media, you don't really see much about chiropractic. Essentially, we aren't even on the radar screen. Then when we do finally get mentioned, half of the time it isn't very positive.

What this means is that our reputation is left to those that decide to talk about us.

People who talk about chiropractic fall into only a couple of camps:

  • MDs and other health care practitioners - most of whom are not very complimentary;
  • Insurance company representatives - who tend to be VERY uncomplimentary;
  • Patients who have had poor experiences with chiropractic (or know someone who has);
  • Chiropractic patients who have experienced chiropractic care and are very excited by that care.

Sarah Harding, the chiropractic patient featured on the ads being placed by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, had much to say in her interview. She expressed a real excitement and appreciation for what chiropractic has meant in her life. From her gymnastics experiences as a young girl to her Ms. Fitness USA championships, she was not slow to give chiropractic credit for her health and achievements.

While Sarah is extraordinary in her accomplishments, her enthusiasm for chiropractic is not unusual. From my own experiences and from the many people I have personally referred to chiropractic care, I know first hand the joy of life that wellness brings. While I try not to (being a typical parent), I sometimes can't help but compare the health my children enjoyed compared to those children whose families don't choose chiropractic.

People like Sarah, me and most of your patients, are your cheerleaders. We support you, tell people about you and give chiropractic care the credit for our health. Most of the time, we hear little from the chiropractic profession itself. It's as if chiropractic has no voice.

Finally, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is beginning their long-awaited advertising campaign. The first volley is not just one top publication, but four: USA Today, Newsweek, US News & World Report and Sports Illustrated. A full-page, four-color ad will be placed in at least one issue of each publication. These ads will be national, except for Sports Illustrated, where they will be regional.

This gives chiropractic the voice we have longed for the voice we have needed for decades. It also gives our cheerleaders something to talk about (and cheer about). As a chiropractic patient, I can relate to Sarah's comments and share my own testimony about health and wellness through chiropractic. The ads will cause millions of people to think about chiropractic and ask people they know, many of whom will be your cheerleaders.

This will be the effectiveness of the ads. They will put chiropractic on the radar screen and into potentially millions of conversations. And while these conversations will be almost entirely unknown to you, they will have an effect on how you and chiropractic are regarded in your community.

You will notice the ad includes:

"To find a doctor of Chiropractic near you, visit findadoc.foundation4cp.com."

This will take the reader to a section of the Foundation's Web site that will provide a directory of all known licensed DCs in the world. Again, most people will talk to their friends, relatives or coworkers who already enjoy chiropractic care. The directory is for those people who don't know anyone they can talk to.

The Foundation's advertising campaign gives chiropractic a much needed voice. It will initiate conversations that ultimately will cause people to consider seeking chiropractic care as they deem appropriate. Your support is required in order for this voice to continue. There are many chiropractic associations supporting the Foundation. In addition, these chiropractic companies are also leading the way:

Anabolic Laboratories
Breakthrough Coaching
Chirocode Institute
Chiropractic Economics
DC Products Review
Dynamic Chiropractic
GMP Fitness
Standard Process

Please take a look at the Foundation's ad by clicking here. If we all do our part, our voice will continue to be heard. Please make a commitment for at least one year to this important effort. Chiropractic has never really had a voice like this. We now have the opportunity.

Please join the effort to support your cheerleaders.


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