Dynamic Chiropractic – August 18, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 17

"You're Wrong"

By Richard Tyler, DC

On June 6, 1990, the student council and administration of Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City, Missouri, joined forces to institute a letter writing campaign in support of Senate Bill S2590 and House Bill HR 4849, both of which would authorize doctors of chiropractic to be commissioned in the uniformed services as health care providers.

The strategy was embraced by Cleveland College students, many of whom feel that this legislation is long overdue, as hundreds of letters landed on the desks of United States senators and congressmen. Student Chuck Vifquain said, "There's no reason that DCs shouldn't be afforded the same opportunities as other health care professionals. Chiropractors have a great deal to offer the uniformed services if we are given a chance."

Dr. Carl S. Cleveland III, president of Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City, said, "Positioning doctors of chiropractic in the armed services will have a broad-based impact on chiropractic advancement, and will open many doors for the profession."

CCA Scores Victory with Workers' Compensation Bill

After intensive lobbying by California Chiropractic Association (CCA) key doctors, and the Governmental Affairs Department, a major victory was scored when Senate Bill 1379 was signed by Governor George Deukmejian on May 24, 1990.

SB 1379, authored by Senator Bill Leonard and sponsored by CCA, clarifies Sections 4600 and 4601 of the Labor Code, indicating that an injured employee's request for a change of physician may be made at any time after the injury. Further, the bill specifies that the request must be honored by the employer or insurance carrier within five working days. When making this one-time change of physician, the employee may select a doctor of chiropractic.

CCA President Willard B. Smith, D.C., said, "There are instances of employers misinterpreting state labor codes. Various major employers around the state made it difficult or impossible for employees to predesignate or select a DC as their treating doctor. This, then, makes it difficult, if not impossible, for injured workers to obtain the best possible health care."

Some of the employers that CCA received complaints about are: US Air, Orange County Transit District, Ventura County Community College District, and the Lodi Unified School District.

Dr. Smith has said, "CCA will continue to address these misinterpretations through legislative and other available means."

Research Doctor Receives FCER Grant

Northwestern College of Chiropractic, Bloomington, Minnesota, faculty and researcher Patrick Boline, D.C. received notice of a $47,000 Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) grant for a research study he will conduct with A.V. Anderson, D.C., M.D.

Their study, which is an integral component of the college's Center for Clinical Studies research effort, will focus on the effectiveness of chiropractice care vs. medical care in the treatment of headaches.

Parker College is Benefactor of Large Contribution

A pledge of $30,000 has been made to Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, by Foot Levelers, Inc., an orthotic manufacturing company.

Kent S. Greenawalt, president of Foot Levelers, Inc., has said that their company is "dedicated to helping the profession in every way it can -- not only by putting out a quality product that helps the practitioner bring the patient back to health, but also by assisting other elements of the profession in its work."

One of the important roles that companies like Foot Levelers, Inc. plays is in the support of chiropractic research and the quality education at our colleges.


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