Dynamic Chiropractic – August 18, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 17

Top Surfers Create Chiropractic Media Blitz

By Elaine Hoover

"With consistant chiropractic care, I'm now surfing at 100 percent," boasted Professional Surfing Association of America's three-time national champion, Mike Lambresi. This is a fine example of what has been appearing in a variety of media, thanks to Dr.

J.J. Heaivilin, a chiropractor in Carlsbad, California.

One of Dr. Heaivilin's patients, Guy Rowlett, mentioned that his roommate, Paul Barr, is a top professional surfer. Dr. Heaivilin told Guy to bring him in the office, at gun point if necessary.

Barr was initially confused about the need for chiropractic care because he has never had back pain nor any other symptoms. Once Barr was in for care, Dr. Heaivilin explained chiropractic to him in detail. "I saw the light go on in his head," reported Dr. Heaivilin. "He now understands how chiropractic adjustments can increase his performance. In a world where there is a hairline difference in performance between $20,000 versus $200,000 a year, he found himself thrilled about chiropractic."

Paul Barr's career took off over the next few months as he passed the three-time national champion, Mike Lambresi, in the rankings. He moved up to eighth, with Lambresi ranking tenth in the nation. "I feel a lot stronger, more relaxed, more flexible, and my legs don't fatigue as easily since I've been receiving adjustments. I'm lucky I caught the problems now instead of waiting for a crisis," said Barr.

Barr in turn referred Lambresi to Dr. Heaivilin for treatment. Lambresi soon escalated to fifth after receiving chiropractic adjustments and has his eye on a fourth consecutive national title. Lambresi referred Taylor Knox, the newest professional hopeful, who broke his back just four years ago. The list goes on with one common denominator; they all claim to be surfing better than ever with chiropractic care.

"These guys are like chiropractic media machines," beamed Dr. Heaivilin. "Everytime they see a microphone, they go on and on about chiropractic. They're practically worshipped by youth worldwide. That's why they're paid outrageous amounts of money to endorse companies with simple decals on their surfboards. When these professional athletes endorse chiropractic, the next generation will choose chiropractic."

Companies pay as high as $4,000 per month, per decal for their endorsements. The group is placing Dr. Heaivilin's chiropractic decals on their surf boards at no charge, which can be seen in their numerous magazine pictorials.

"I thought surfing was more of a kids' sport until I recently decided to give it a try. I discovered the water is full of bankers, attorneys, doctors, teachers, etc. It's a fun way to keep fit." Dr. Heaivilin added.

Recently, the sports section of the L.A. Times displayed a half page about how "Barr says the chiropractor helped straighten out his career." The Blade-Citizen (a San Diego newspaper), CBS Affiliate KFMB Television San Diego News, and the International Surfing Magazine are all doing features about surfing and chiropractic.

Dr. Heaivilin concluded, "Dr. Nick Athens explained to me that people assume that you got lucky when there is actually little luck involved. He said persistance was the key for him and I have found that to be excellent advice."


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