Dynamic Chiropractic – January 31, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 03

Cleveland Chiropractic College Co-Sponsors MPI Seminars

By Editorial Staff
Over the years, Cleveland College has become a major chiropractic institution. Today it holds both specialized and regional accreditation. In addition, it has gained international recognition for its efforts in chiropractic research, thus continuing a tradition as enduring as the college itself.

Their mission statement reads:

"Cleveland Chiropractic College is a specialized institution of higher education dedicated to the development of the doctor of chiropractic. The institution has as its mission the constant maintenance of high standards of professional education; the conscientious provision for a quality curriculum and a highly qualified faculty; the selection for admission of those students who are likely to be valuable members of the profession; and the ultimate acquisition and equipping of facilities second to none in the field."

True to their purpose, Cleveland Chiropractic Colleges stands out as institutions built from a long line of chiropractic pioneers who helped weave the rich heritage of Cleveland Chiropractic Colleges. Therefore, we are especially proud to announce that Cleveland Chiropractic Colleges are now the official co-sponsors of the MPI seminars.

Each of the MPI courses and instructors will be subject to examination and critique by Cleveland CC to assist in the endeavor to upgrade the MPI seminars to their finest. This new status also means license renewal credits for each of the MPI seminars.

Carl Cleveland III, D.C. president of CCCKC and Carl Cleveland Jr., D.C. president of CCCLA have spent a great deal of time and effort already in the new co-sponsorship arrangement with Motion Palpation Institute. MPI and Cleveland Chiropractic Colleges have pledged to continue their labors in striving to bring the best in quality education to all members of the chiropractic profession -- and to elevate the profession to the finest in the healing arts.


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