Dynamic Chiropractic – May 10, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 10

Report from Budapest

By Steven Anderson, DC
Hello and good day from Budapest. As an avid reader of Dynamic Chiropractic, I would like to pass on to your fine publication an update concerning the field of chiropractic in Central/Eastern Europe.

With the support of "Life Around the World" (LAW), the European Chiropractic Foundation (ECF) has been formed under the laws of Hungary to carry on a multitude of activities with respect to chiropractic. The ECF directorship is made up of a broad professional base of DCs and medical professionals, as well as representation from Life Chiropractic College.

The ECF's prime objectives are the following:

  1. The establishment of a law governing chiropractic in Hungary and other Eastern European nations which would be based on guidelines as those laid down by many of the U.S. laws, as well as those of the Chiropractic Council on Education (CCE).


  2. The supplying of data to the ministries of health to verify and support statements that chiropractic in the hands of professionals (doctors of chiropractic) is a safe, practical, and necessary treatment of locomotor dysfunction.


  3. The supplying of data to the National Health Insurance Board qualifying that chiropractic reduces the overall off time due to a locomotor disturbance.


  4. The verification of the legitimacy of chiropractors practicing in the field.


  5. The facilitation by the ECF, in all respects possible, the needs of the ministries of health, medical associations and other responsible parties to insure chiropractic's rightful place amongst the health care systems of Central/Eastern Europe.


  6. The aiding in the establishment of a higher educational facility in Hungary meeting the criteria of the CCE to ultimately issue a degree acceptable, on a reciprocal basis, with that of like institutions.

As you can see, our ambitions and ideas are grand but are certainly achievable. We have excellent support from many in the ministries and professional medical associations. The press is also keen to air our story which has already often been on national television, radio, and printed media over the past two years.

Our support base within the government started during the previous administration and has continued on with the present government. We have noticed that the support base for chiropractic is far greater than many had anticipated. This is largely due to public acceptance of alternative medicine and the awareness through the media. Once the public becomes aware of professional chiropractic and the qualification of the chiropractors, they extend respect to the profession and to our goals.

Our first clinic was opened over one year ago in a community outside of the capital city, on the border with Czechoslovakia, and we have now opened our second clinic in a major outpatient facility in Budapest. This facility will also serve our research project from which data will be given to the Ministry of Health to help bring about acceptance of chiropractic on an internationally acceptable level.

Chiropractic has a bright future in this part of the world and deserves the attention of all.

Steven Anderson, D.C.
Founding Director
European Chiropractic Foundation
P.F. 701/353
1399 Budapest, HUNGARY

Editor's Note: Look for an in-depth look at chiropractic developments in Hungary from Dr. Anderson in an upcoming issue of "DC."


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