Dynamic Chiropractic – December 4, 1992, Vol. 10, Issue 25

Life College News

By Editorial Staff
GCC Chiropractor of the Year

Mildred K. Lee, B.S., D.C., Life's assistant vice president of administrative services, was named "1992 Chiropractor of the Year" by the Georgia Council of Chiropractic (GCC).

Dr. Lee was honored at the GCC's annual fall conference, which she attended in her capacity as executive director.

Dr. Lee is a 1959 Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate whose many honors include the "U.S. Woman Chiropractor of the Year" (1984-85); inclusion in Who's Who in Chiropractic (1976); Georgia Chiropractic Association's "Chiropractor of the Year" (1972); and the "President's Award" from the GCA (1966, '69, '71).

Dr. Lee is listed in Who's Who of Intellectuals (1984); the World Who's Who of Women (1981); Business and Professional Woman of Achievement (1977); and Outstanding Americans in the South (1975-76). She has received the WSB-TV Service Award (1976), and has been active in civic organizations and community affairs as president of the (Atlanta) Women's Chamber of Commerce (1984-85), the Fulton/DeKalb Business & Professional Women (1973-74), the Sigma Phi Chi Sorority National Grand Council (1987), and district director of the Georgia Federation of Business and Professional Women (1980-81, 1988-89).

Dr. Lee was president of the GCA from 1974 to 1975, the first woman to become president of that organization, and the first woman in the state of Georgia to hold the presidency of any professional state association not exclusive to women. Dr. Lee, whose Bachelor of Science is from Upper Iowa University in Fayette, Iowa, has been an administrator at Life College since 1976.


Army General Presents Dr. Sid Williams SOC Certificate

Back in the fall of 1864, General Sherman marched his army through Georgia.

Now, in the fall of 1992, it's Brigadeer General Robert W. Roper Jr., deputy commanding general for U.S. Army Recruiting Command in Fort Knox, Kentucky. He came to present Life College President Dr. Sid E. Williams with a Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC) certificate, and addressed the student body on September 19th.

Life College was one of the first schools in the state to become a member of the SOC, which is designed to assist in meeting the higher education needs of military personnel. SOC will bring to the college, students who are Army and Army Reserve veterans; they'll be eligible for financial aid from the GI Bill, Army College Fund, tuition assistance and loan repayment programs.


Four Top Russian Runners Hit the Trail at Life

Life College opened a new five-mile running trail on October 2nd, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony which was attended by Marietta Mayor Joe Mack Wilson, Brigadeer General Terry Whitnell, and Life President Dr. Sid Williams. The trail, which is a joint effort between the college, city, and military, has an unusual feature: two man-made sand dunes that help athletes develop strength and power.

Olga Markova, this year's Boston Marathon winner, and three other top female distance runners from Russia trained at the running trail for the New York City marathon November 1st. In addition to the Russian athletes, Mexico's top 1,500-meter runner in 1991, Arturo Espejel, was at Life training for two months.

Said Dr. Williams, "Our goal is not only to attract Olympic-hopeful athletes from around the world but to offer the finest facilities for the Cobb County community."


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