Dynamic Chiropractic – November 4, 1994, Vol. 12, Issue 23

A Child's Introduction to Chiropractic, Part I

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher
Back when I was a young, my two brothers and I would get up early in the morning on New Year's day and huddle in blankets around the television. Our family tradition was to begin the day watching the Tournament of Roses Parade.
The bright colors, beautiful flowers, horse-back riders and lively marching bands seemed to be a special world made just for children. We considered it the world's best parade.

One year was especially memorable. It must have been at a time in my life when asking questions came naturally. An especially exciting parade float came into view with incredible colors by a company named Eastman Kodak. At that age, I had no idea who or what Eastman Kodak was, so I asked my father. For the next few minutes he told me all about the Eastman Kodak company; what they sold, what they did, and how big they were.

Maybe it was my age, but I will never forget that float. And to this day, when I think of Kodak, I think of that initial impression their float made on me as a young child.

This New Year's day, over 420 million people (many of them children) will be watching the color, pageantry, and magnificent floral display that is always a part of the Rose Parade. In the midst of the spectacle will be our chiropractic float. Standing 40 feet tall and over 55 feet long, this is an all-chiropractic project. Six world-class athletes will be riding on the float, making their own personal statement about their commitment to chiropractic. The builder, Tim Estes, is also a chiropractic patient.

Our chiropractic float will be seen via satellite in over 80 countries and broadcast in nine languages. Many people who have never even thought about chiropractic will see it. Children will be asking, "What is chiropractic?" "Why are those famous athletes riding on the float?"

Who will give them the answers?

My father was knowledgeable about Eastman Kodak. He could tell me who they were and what they did. Will the children in your community get answers to their questions about chiropractic? Who will tell them?

The year 1995 is our year to present the chiropractic message to the world. It is our time to tell the chiropractic story in our own words. Your patients will be thrilled to celebrate our Rose Parade Float with you. When they see the float on the morning of January 2, 1995, they'll be able to say: "See that float, that's the chiropractic float. It celebrates a century of chiropractic."

But they need to say more than that. They need to be prepared to talk about what chiropractors do, who we are, and how chiropractic fits into everyone's health care program today.

One of the primary goals of the Chiropractic Centennial Foundation (CCF) is to generate public awareness for chiropractic. This is a job for all of us; you too.

As part of that program, the CCF has taken the original watercolor rendition of the Chiropractic Rose Parade Float and created a limited edition color poster (see page XX). This is a beautiful full-color rendition designed for you to hang in your waiting room, treatment rooms, etc. This will not only let your patients know about our Rose Parade float, but it will remind you to tell everyone, especially children, what chiropractic is and why we are a part of their health care.

If we all do our part, when someone asks the question, "What is chiropractic?", one of your patients will be able to share with them the truth about chiropractic as you would have them tell it.

The cost is only $20 per poster, plus shipping and handling. All funds go to the Chiropractic Centennial Foundation to further the extensive marketing and public relations program for the Centennial Celebration.

Be a part of the important effort to introduce and expose millions to chiropractic around the world. Order your poster for your office, your practice, your patients, and your community. Show your pride for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

DMP Jr., BS, HCD(hc)

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