Dynamic Chiropractic – September 12, 1994, Vol. 12, Issue 19

The Top Ten

By Stanley Greenfield, RHU
No, this is not the "David Letterman Show," but I have borrowed an idea from David. If you have ever stayed up that late to watch his show, you know that one of the favorite features is his "Top Ten List." It could be the top 10 reasons why we have a new tax law, or the top 10 ways you can tell if your neighbor is a spy! Whatever it is, he has a "Top Ten List" for it.
Well, based on that, we now proudly (we hope) present the "Greenfield Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Using the Greenfield Financial Program." That is a mouthful, but it does say it all. And now it's time to present for the first time on national television, excuse me, I mean in Dynamic Chiropractic, the top 10 reasons why you should be using the entire Greenfield Financial Program.

Reason 10: It beats joining a spa. Yes, that's right. It has been scientifically proven that if you go on the Greenfield Financial Program for just 90 days, you will lose inches off your stack of bills, while at the same you will build muscle in your cash accounts, and best of all it's fat free!

Reason 9: Your best employee is not giving you a full day's work. Under the Greenfield Financial System, your best employee -- your money -- will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week without asking for a day off and best of all, it will do all of this in a tax sheltered environment.

Reason 8: You can get most of the Greenfield Financial Program for free! That's right, I said free. All you have to do is just keep reading every issue of Dynamic Chiropractic every month and in addition to the other wonderful articles that appear, you will have me giving you tidbits of this system free of charge.

Reason 7: Once and for all, you will have control of your finances. No, you don't need anyone else on your payroll telling you how to run your finances. My program puts you in control.

Reason 6: You have me! Every month in this same column, I always say if you have any questions or would like copies of worksheets or articles, just drop me a line with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and it's yours free of charge. What a bargain! Now tell me, do you see that offer from any other so-called financial wizards? No! I get hundreds of letters and calls each and every month from chiropractors all over the world asking for additional information, and they get it, no questions asked. No bills either.

Reason 5: Insurance -- I can tell you not just how to buy but where to buy it and how much and what kind you really need. I even give you information so that you can make decisions without being hounded to death by sales people. That should be worth a bundle to you.

Reason 4: Checks. More than 1,000 of you have written to me for the list of companies that print checks for less than half of what the banks normally gouge you with. I now have a list of over eight companies that print checks that will save you over 50 percent. I offer this list to all of you who drop me a line with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and request it.

Reason 3: The Greenfield Financial Program is a complete program to cover every facet of your finances, both business and personal. I can answer many questions. How should I practice, as a solo or as a corporation? What's the difference? What kind of mortgage should I have? Can I afford to retire? Credit cards. The list goes on and on covering all that you have to deal with to run your finances correctly. It's like what the ads on TV say about Prego tomato sauce: "It's in there!"

Reason 2: Stop letting your bank treat you like you just graduated from college. Learn how to "interview" your bank and decide if you should "hire" them to handle your money for you. Right now it's as if they make the money and only give you an "allowance" if you are nice. The Greenfield Financial Program puts you in control. Sounds nice doesn't it? It works too.

Reason 1: $9,300. If none of the other reasons mean anything to you, this one should -- $9,300 -- that's how much each of the chiropractors saved in taxes for 1993 by just using one small idea from the Greenfield Financial Program, and it didn't cost them a penny for the idea. It was printed right inside the pages of Dynamic Chiropractic. Wouldn't you like to get a refund from Uncle Sam for $9,300? Well, that's what some of your fellow colleagues did and if you had to pay additional taxes, it's your own fault. Before you make another "substantial" contribution to Uncle Sam, why don't you look into the Greenfield Financial Program and see if the contribution can be made by Uncle Sam into YOUR account.

There you have it, the top 10 reasons why you should be using the Greenfield Financial Program. For almost six years now I have been giving you free ideas in the pages of Dynamic Chiropractic. Are you using them? Have you written, like thousands have for additional information? Why not? This is the top 10 list. The 10th reason gave you 9,300 reasons why you should be using this program. Isn't that enough?

Stanley Greenfield, RHU
Rockville, Maryland

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