Dynamic Chiropractic – September 12, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 19

Constipation, the Awesome Creator of Disease

By Gordon Butler, DC
It is whispered by persons who talk out of the side of their mouths that when proctologists discuss constipation, they convene in a closet, lock the door, and turn out the lights -- the subject is hush, hush, but in my opinion this is ridiculous.

Doctors who give or supervise colonic irrigations know the real cause of constipation because they can see the cause through the glass section of the outflow tube. They know the answer to constipation is not adding something to the diet, but is essentially cured by eliminating offending foods from the diet.

Foods are digested and assimilated about 50 percent by volume. Cheese is the worst offender, with only 20-30 percent being digested and assimilated. Cheese is extremely viscid when it leaves the stomach.

Nutritionists know only one side, the nutritive side. The flip side is the residue that is left after the nutrients are absorbed. Fiber residue has a very fast transient time through the intestines but the viscid residue has a very slow transient time and decays before it is eliminated. It causes constipation. The liquid toxins from the decayed viscid residue will penetrate the colon wall, enter the bloodstream, and establish a culture medium for disease including bacterial diseases in the most susceptible tissues.

The same principle of transient time determines the degree of nutrients absorbed in the small intestine. A fast transient time will absorb less calories; a slow transient time will absorb more calories.

Cheese is touted by the dairy industry to be a health food. Cheeses causes most constipations. It is not possible to classify it as a health food, but instead should be classified as the number one menace.

A little bulk or bran added to the diet will expedite the transient time through the colon only if the residue is not high viscid, with cheese it has a negative effect.

When wine is consumed with a meal containing cheese, the wine creates better digestion of the cheese. The alcohol from the wine, mixed with the food, serves as a preservative in the colon reducing the toxic effect.

Doctors are aware of the increasing importance of diet as a cause of disease and, consequently, a cure for disease. Such diseases were considered, especially by the MD, to be caused by bacteria only a few years ago. This modern thinking is accepted with reluctance because it disputes the validity of the germ theory considered for many years to be infallible. The belief in the germ theory was so profound that an MD in the Army during WWII told me that "foods were digested and absorbed near 100 percent and that feces was formed largely from bacteria."

Elimination should be two or three times daily to avoid fractional retention constipation. A correct diet will cause such elimination.

Ulcerative colitis should be treated with several colonic irrigations, a corrective diet and adjustments.

DCs should look for constipation in their cardiac patients. The worst cardiac problems occur, according to patients, the first thing after an elimination especially if there is cause to strain. To aid constipation: 1) eliminate all viscid residue foods, 2) drink 16-24 ounces of water the first thing in the morning, 3) take 300-400 mg. of magnesium (the laxative mineral) in divided doses daily, 4) take half of a 500 mg. B-complex after each meal in addition to a full complement of supplements including an herb laxative if needed at first.

Never, never tolerate constipation. It is an awesome creator of disease.

Gordon Butler, DC
Escondido, California


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