Dynamic Chiropractic – April 24, 1995, Vol. 13, Issue 09

Arnold Classic and ICA Symposium Are a Match

By Editorial Staff
The ICA Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science awarded Arnold Schwarzenegger a Greek torso sculpture, its most prestigious health and fitness award, for his contributions to public awareness of the role of fitness in health at the ICA's 3rd Symposium on Natural Fitness, March 3-5 in Columbus, Ohio.
The ICA symposium is held each year in conjunction with the Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Classic.

The ICA symposium has previously recognized the accomplishments of fitness leaders Mr. Joe Weider, Dr. Ben Weider, and Franco Columbu, DC.

The symposium promotes not only "natural" fitness, as opposed to steroid-aided training, but also the development of injury-free, maximum performance training skills. Dr. Jack Barnathan, president of the ICA Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science, said this type of event gives chiropractic an opportunity "to educate the public on the importance of personal responsibility in health."

The highlight of the chiropractic symposium each year is the address by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This year, Arnold had these comments:

"I have expressed with you before at this convention that we are a perfect team: the world of fitness, the world of bodybuilding, and the world of chiropractors. We make such a great team. This is why we are so pleased always to have this convention here and for you all to join us at the Arnold Classic. This is one of those items where mathematics is wrong. Two and two is not four: two and two becomes a 10 in this case. I'm extremely pleased to have you here again; I will continue to support your profession, and of course, I will continue to support the promotion of fitness.

"We have to all work towards improving the peoples' health and improving this country, because it all has to do with that. Each and everyone of us has to ask themselves every night, 'Have we done enough to convince someone to become a better person, become healthier, to get in shape, to get off the streets, to get away from gang violence, and all these things?' Each one of us is already working in the right direction.

"Let me tell you there is no better profession than chiropractic. You really helped me. Every day you are preventing injuries; every day you are helping people. You let them walk out of your office feeling great about themselves and feeling good in their bodies, relieving pain. I can tell you this from first hand experience. My wife just two days ago said, 'I'm not going to come to Columbus, Ohio, because I feel terrible with my back and my neck.' Franco came over to the house and he gave her an adjustment. He worked with her about an hour and she's here today, and she feels great. She has no pain, so I'm a big believer in your profession. Let's continue working together. You guys are great. Thank you very much."

The International Federation of Bodybuilders, which sponsors the Arnold Classic, is working in association with the ICA to strengthen drug education and natural training. Both organizations are also supporting the effort to make bodybuilding an Olympic event.

Next year's ICA Symposium on Natural Fitness is scheduled for the first weekend in March in Columbus, Ohio, and will again be held in conjunction with the Arnold Classic and be hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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