Dynamic Chiropractic – September 8, 1997, Vol. 15, Issue 19

Healthy Living and Wellness Channel Soon to Follow

By Editorial Staff
When the new television line-up makes its appearance this Fall, you'll not only be able to see new "Seinfeld" episodes and what craziness Kramer is up to, but chiropractic's first television channel, Today's Chiropractic Channel (TCC).
TCC will feature various programming designed to enhance chiropractic practices.

Today's Chiropractic Channel will be on the air for one hour each week, but plans call for expanding programming to eight hours every day. The first programs will be directed toward professional development for doctors. Later shows will provide information for patients that would normally be aired in the doctor's waiting room. Additionally, as a vital part of the channel's programming, doctors of chiropractic will be offered continuing education programs.

EchoStar Communications, a satellite television provider, will offer Today's Chiropractic Channel programming through its DISH Channel, which also carries such premium channels as MTV, A&E, CNN, and the Disney Channel. Today's Chiropractic Channel is being managed and maintained by BiZTV, and will send programming via satellite directly into chiropractors' offices and homes across the country and, eventually, around the world.

"This program is designed to keep chiropractors motivated and dedicated to their patients," explained Dr. Sid Williams, founder and president of Life University and a leading proponent of Today's Chiropractic Channel. "Chiropractors go to seminars, get inspired, but go home and fall into the same old rut again and again. Today's Chiropractic Channel will keep chiropractors focused and give them that shot of enthusiasm just when they need it the most!"

TCC is scheduled to feature office management techniques, chiropractic assistant training programs, chiropractic news and information, interviews with leading practitioners, live forums and call-in programs. The programming will be designed to enhance the effectiveness and the profitability of chiropractic practice.

"Satellite technology and the development of small economical dishes to receive television broadcasts has spawned an information revolution," Dr. Williams said. "This revolution will have a vast impact on our lives that might even rival the development of the personal computer and the Internet."

"This development provides us with an opportunity to bring a vast array of new ideas, along with the latest technology, directly to doctors of chiropractic everywhere. Doctors and their patients will be able to see quality programming on chiropractic and other health-related issues not available anywhere else."

Coming Soon, the Healthy Living and Wellness Channel

TCC officials have revealed plans for a companion satellite feature, the Healthy Living and Wellness Channel. Its programs will be directed toward the general public, and to the chiropractic patients who are already receiving healthy living advice from the family DC.

"Health instruction and wellness programs have become a fad in the past 12 years or so," Dr. Williams said, "but wellness has been the major emphasis of chiropractic for over a hundred years. These new programs will support the chiropractor's efforts to train patients in natural health care regimens, including spinal hygiene, nutrition, exercise, meditation, stress reduction and other wellness topics."

The Healthy Living and Wellness Channel is designed to educate viewers about general health concerns, and to help them achieve the highest level of natural, drug-free health. The new channel is expected to reach millions of viewers across the globe via satellite dish transmissions, and through world-wide cable television channel distribution.

Today's Chiropractic Channel is being marketed and distributed by SkyChoice. Customers can access the Dish Channel with an 18-inch satellite TV system. For more information, call (888) 486-6848.


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