Dynamic Chiropractic – January 1, 1999, Vol. 17, Issue 01

Rise and Shine in '99

By Stanley Greenfield, RHU
Not a bad slogan for the new year. I may be dating myself by the use of the phrase "rise and shine." I remember hearing it as a kid. My parents would wake me up in the morning to go to school and say to me, "Stanley, it's time to rise and shine!"

Well, doctor, guess what? It is now your "wake-up call," too! It's a theme that you can live with and you need to live with this year.

We are now less than a year away from the beginning of a new century. It's time to "rise and shine" and let the world in on the best kept secret around: the benefits of chiropractic!

Since this is the beginning of a new year, and with this slogan, a new you, and a new outlook on chiropractic for the inhabitants of this world, maybe it's time for you to get your own financial picture cleaned up. Why not kick off this year on the right foot? With that in mind, the following are some "memory ticklers" for you to get you thinking in the right direction. Let's get your financial world to also "rise and shine in '99!"

It's still not too late to get a retirement plan in place for tax year 1998. You can still use an IRA (better than nothing) or better yet, a SEP. Isn't it time that you decided to quit playing at all this and let your finances "rise and shine"? Need some help on making that decision? Give me a call or drop me a line, and I can help you shine! It's time to just polish that tarnish off and shine, baby, shine!

You would not believe how many of your fellow doctors sent me a letter requesting the worksheets on reviewing their insurance needs last year. This seems to be an area that many need help with. Well, to kick off the year with a bang, yours truly is willing to do a review for you at no charge. How is that for getting things in order? Just drop me a line and request the free review. I will send you the info that you need to complete. You can also reach me on my new website (www.stanleygreenfield.com), or you can e-mail me at .

Do you have a list of all your credit cards and what they are charging you in interest each month? What cards are "good" and which cards aren't so good? Need some help with this? You got it! A self-addressed stamped envelope will bring a worksheet to do just that. This is one way to keep those little pieces of plastic from ruining your life.

Do you know when all of the various forms are needed by Uncle Sam this year? Would you like one? All you have to do is call me at 1-800-585-1555 and push the #5 button on your phone to request fax on demand. Request document #202, which is a tax calendar. You will be prompted to enter your fax number so it can fax the form to you. Pretty neat! That is my new phone system; it has lots of neat features.

Is this the year that you are finally going to start listening to me and start saving some tax dollars? Maybe it's time to think seriously about putting your kids on the payroll. Interested? While you are on the phone, request document #204, too. That's all it takes to start saving dollars and lots of them! Are you ready?

Do you know what it takes to cover the overhead in your office? Not just in dollars, but in office visits. Sit down and figure it out; that then becomes the amount of patient visits you need just to turn on the lights. Do you know how many new patients you need to maintain your office? How about how many new patients you need to obtain your goals for 1999? Don't wait until December to see if you are on track or not.

Do you have a reactivation plan in your office? Is it working? If not, then why are you still using it? Maybe it's time to take a look at some new and fresh ideas and get those patients back on track.

Are the banks still treating you like you just opened an account with them? Maybe it's time to inform them that they also need to "rise and shine in '99" if they want to keep you as a customer. Maybe it's time to see what the competition will do for you. Yes, I know that your bank is right down the street, while the other bank is across town and it's a long drive. Is the shorter drive worth the hundreds of dollars that it costs you to stay where you are? Think about that one while you dial the number of another bank!

Are you out there? Are you out there talking about chiropractic? Do you want your practice to grow and prosper? Do you want more people to know about the benefits of chiropractic? Well then, get out there and spread the word! That's the only way to make it happen. You can make it happen, and you know what it takes to make it happen. Draw up a marketing plan for this year and include as many speaking engagements or lectures as you possibly can. You are not only a doctor of chiropractic; you are an official representative of the chiropractic community. You owe it to yourself to do this, and you owe it to the profession.

Rise and shine in '99!

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