Dynamic Chiropractic – September 18, 2000, Vol. 18, Issue 20

A Toxic Patient Cannot Get Well

By Cal Streeter, DO and Michael Epitropoulos, DC,PhD
How often do we adjust our patients and find them to be stiff and tight, to the point that their adjustments become painful for them? When a patient notes a lot of stiffness and soreness of the surrounding musculature corresponding with that subluxation level, we should ask ourselves "What internal organ system is also involved in relation to that subluxation level?" It might be beneficial to that patient to help him or her detoxify and heal that weakened or sick area, and thus allow the chiropractic care to be as beneficial as possible.

We need to remind the patient that most toxins are removed from the body by way of the colon, so it is vital that normal health-bowel function is established and maintained. Since we are the only mammals that do not eliminate our stomache contents after every meal, it is little wonder that many of us have toxic bodies. Suggesting adequate amounts of pure alkaline water would be the best place to begin (reverse-osmosis-generated or distilled water with an alkaline herbal tea, fresh juice or even baking soda - one-quarter teaspoon per quart in amounts equal to one-half of one's body weight in ounces per day). This, plus aerobic exercise on a regular daily basis, will usually go a long way toward establishing adequate colon function and detoxification. Each practitioner may have additional items to add to this established protocol.

The kidneys, liver and spleen are the major organs that purify the blood and eliminate toxins from the body. Again, these organs will all do better with adequate amounts of pure alkaline water. Many herbals, vitamins, essential oils and other nutrients are available to detoxify and heal these organs, although juicing and hydration with alkaline water sources are well suited for the task.

Lymphatic drainage is also needed if we are to adequately assist our patients with detoxification. Most areas of our structural anatomy that are stiff and difficult to adjust will have some swelling in that area. One of the first signs of toxicity in an area is lymphedema, which often proceeds more serious problems. If we recommend to our patients that they begin exercising on mini-trampolines to facilitate adequate lymphatic drainage, and receive soft tissue massage in addition to chiropractic care, we can often help them prevent more serious problems.

Giving your patients these general health tips on wellness, will go a long way in terms of referrals to your office.

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