Dynamic Chiropractic – September 4, 2000, Vol. 18, Issue 19

Life West Dedicates New Campus

By Editorial Staff
HAYWARD, CA - On July 28, students, doctors and chiropractic leaders gathered for the dedication ceremonies of the new campus of Life West Chiropractic College (LWCC). There were some 1,300 people on hand, included representatives of the California Board of Equalization; Alameda County's Board of Supervisors and the Hayward City Council.

The move from the San Lorenzo campus to Hayward, both in the east San Francisco Bay Area, has been in the works for over five years. While the construction continues on the majority of the campus, it should be ready to welcome the fall class of 2000 on October 2.

Among the chiropractic dignitaries on hand for the ceremonies was Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College President Jean Moss, DC, who presented LWCC with a special painting. Some of the crowd sported white "under construction" hard hats, commemorating the dedication date, and emblazoned with LWCC's logo.

As Life West President Gerard Clum,DC, looked over the sea of white hard hats, he told the crowd: "I would like to thank all of you here today for the role you played in shaping the profession and shaping the environment that our students will enter as graduates, for providing care to countless millions of people who have come under your hands day in and day out around the globe; for your dedication to the ideals that we are here to celebrate today. And thank you for your dedication to the concept of lasting purpose and the issues, concerns, and the vision of the Life movement for a healthier world through chiropractic."

A heartfelt introduction was given by Dr. Clum: "Welcome my mentor, my friend, and I believe the most important chiropractor in the history of the second half of our profession, Dr. Sid Williams." Dr. Williams is, of course, the president and founder of Life College. Life University has loaned $4 million to Life West to help finance the $25 million project.

"Isn't this a great tribute to love, persistency, loyalty, and dedication to excellence?" observed Dr. Williams. "This beautiful new campus will be like a beacon on the mountaintop that signals from the West Coast to the whole chiropractic profession and to the entire world that the Life movement is more than alive and well, and is moving ever onward and upward in our dedicated mission of providing superb chiropractic care that is affordable and within the practical reach of every human being. We are living our dreams!"

Dr. Clum closed the ceremony by telling his domed attendees: "You have been kind with your moral support; you have been generous with your financial support; and you have been a friend every step of the way. I am thankful to you more than you'll ever know and more than I'll be able to articulate." Following the dedication ceremony, the attendees toured the 190,000-square-foot complex, which is situated on 12 acres. The tours included a visit to the Health Center, which is open for business. Afterward, many of the attendees lined up to have their hard hats autographed by Drs. Sid and Nell Williams and Dr. Gerard and Mrs. Cathy Clum.

Chiropractic Murals Adorn Campus

The LWCC dedication ceremonies included the presentation of murals by Spanish artist Manuel Sanchez Almendros, depicting spinal columns against a lush background of nebulae. Flanked by European columns, the works are typical of the "classical" style for which the painter is known. Mr. Almendros studied at the Universitat de Barcelona. He has exhibited his artwork to the public since 1980.

The Hayward campus is located at 25001 Industrial Boulevard. For more information on Life West Chiropractic College, visit their website at http://www.lifewest.edu or call (510)780-4567.


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