Dynamic Chiropractic – August 6, 2000, Vol. 18, Issue 17

Colloidal Chemistry and Health

By Cal Streeter, DO and Michael Epitropoulos, DC,PhD
The healing effects of foods, especially water, can unlock the door to many health problems. In this article, we will examine simple colloidal chemistry.

Scientists of the late 19th century discovered that particles that have a similar surface charge repel or repulse each other when in a solution, while particles with opposite surface charges attract each other or stick together in a similar solution.

Since our body fluids are in a giant colloidal suspension, to remain healthy, an electromagnetic imbalance with anionic excess is absolutely necessary. The scientific basis for a healthy body requires a 65 percent anion (negative charge) to 35 percent (positive charge) ratio in the circulatory system to maintain homeostasis. When one experiences a cationic overload in the body and the 65 percent to 35 percent balance is upset, pathologic situations occur, of which most of our chronic diseases of "aging" are a part.

The kidneys are the main organs of the body that work continuously to rid the body of excess cations and acid to maintain anionic and alkaline excess, an absolute must for optimum health. In his book Alkalize or Die, Dr. Ted Baroody shows why the accumulation of tissue acid waste in the body is a major factor in determining sickness or health, and the steps your patients can take to return their bodies to the alkaline state. Since pure water breaks down in the body to 65 percent OH negative and 35 percent H positive, it would seem reasonable that if one consumed adequate amounts of water (half your body weight in ounces) one would be taking a giant step in the direction of health.

How often do you talk to your patients about water? Distilled water is recommended because it produces negative ions that are alkaline-forming in the body. Another choice is reverse osmosis water, but it is important to check the filters often for contamination, which can affect the alkalinity of the body. Electronically-restructured water ("microwater") has produced amazing clinical results. By combining this protocol with 75-80 percent anionic-alkaline foods, you can help your patients reach optimum health much quicker when combined with chiropractic care.

All of the following foods and liquids consumed may be placed in categories according to their electrical charge:

  1. Anionic surfactants: distilled water (microwater is even better), fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains.


  2. Cationic surfactants: foods that are preserved, refined and commercially prepared.


  3. Nonionic surfactants: sugars and alcohols. Since most metabolized food stuffs and nutrients get to the cell via ionic transfer, and most waste products of the cell in metabolism get away from that cell by the same method, in the presence of sugar or alcohol, steric hindrance occurs and thus ionic transfer to and from the cell is blocked.


  4. Amphoteric surfactants (Zwitter ions) are by-products of protein digestion and tend to be cation or acid forming.

Educate your patients on the importance of eating an excess of anionic foods, drinking adequate amounts of distilled/reverse osmosis/microwater, and limiting cationic foods, and you will certainly promote natural health and wellness in your community.

Cal Streeter,DO,
Portage, Michigan
Michael Epitropoulos, DC,PhD
Flagler Beach, Florida
(904) 439-6340

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