Dynamic Chiropractic – July 10, 2000, Vol. 18, Issue 15

South Midwest (South Central) Forum

Proposed Workers' Comp. Rule Biased toward Chiropractic

By Editorial Staff
HOUSTON - The Texas Workers' Compensation Commission (TWCC) has proposed a regulation that would impact injured workers seeking chiropractic.
The rule basically states that if an injured worker waits six weeks before seeking treatment from the chiropractor (or osteopath), the patient must get approval from the company's insurance carrier.

Under the current rule, workers need no permission to be treated by doctors with an "MD" after their names.

Pam Carroll, president of the advocacy group Injured Workers of Texas, said it was "unfair to single out the treatment that chiropractors and osteopaths give."

Jeff Cunningham,DC, chairman of the workers' compensation committee for the Texas Chiropractic Association, considers the proposal a means of eliminating chiropractors and osteopaths from the system, a sentiment he expressed to the TWCC in a letter.


Parker College Includes X-Ray Unit in Gross Anatomy Laboratory

DALLAS, Texas - According to Dr. Robert Mullins, director of the gross anatomy lab in the Center for Basic Sciences at Parker College of Chiropractic, Parker is the first chiropractic collegein the country to provide x-rays of cadavers in its gross anatomy lab.

"We are now performing regional radiographic studies of the cadavers before they are dissected," said Dr. Mullins. Gross anatomy students will now be able to visualize a joint structure before it is dissected, and to find any significant joint or soft tissue pathologies that may be seen by radiographs.

Dr. Mullins said the radiographs are an excellent correlative study of human anatomy, combining the best of both worlds - gross and radiographic anatomies.

"The x-rays will be similar to views the students will see daily as doctors in the field," Dr. Mullins said. "The depth of knowledge gained by the students of gross anatomy will be greater than ever before."

The acquisition of the new x-ray unit is part of Parker College's commitment to providing its students with the latest in high-tech computers, diagnostic equipment and personal laptop computers to enhance learning.


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