Dynamic Chiropractic – May 29, 2000, Vol. 18, Issue 12

WFC Elects New Executive Officers

By Editorial Staff
New executive officers for the World Federation of Chiropractic were elected at the annual council meeting April 24, 2000 in Gramado, Brazil. They are:

President: Bruce Vaughan, DC, Hong Kong SAR China (Asian region);
First Vice-President: Paul Carey, DC, Canada (North American region);
Second Vice-President: Anthony Metcalfe, DC, United Kingdom (European region);
Secretary-Treasurer: Gerard Clum, DC, USA (North American region).

The council meeting was held in Brazil to coincide with the graduation of the first class from the chiropractic program at Feevale University in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil. This program, supported by Palmer University, is the first chiropractic program in Latin America and the first in the Portuguese language. (See "Quarterly World Report - World Federation of Chiropractic" on the front page of this issue.)

WFC President Bruce Vaughan paid tribute to the strong leadership of Louis Sportelli, the WFC's immediate past president. Dr. Vaughan is a Palmer graduate who served as president of the Hong Kong Chiropractic Association for many years and led the successful campaign that made Hong Kong the first Asian country to pass legislation to recognize the chiropractic profession. He has represented Asia on the WFC Council since it was founded in 1988.

Dr. Vaughan addressed the council about his feelings on the growth and significance of the World Federation of Chiropractic:

"I have seen the WFC come from an idea in London (1987), birth in Sydney (1988) and early days of Toronto (1989). Twelve eventful and exciting years have passed, and the seed that was sown in London has become a tree of great and growing value to the chiropractic profession.

It is still a young tree, vulnerable to the environment surrounding it, but already bearing fruit."

"The WFC's core members are 70 national chiropractic associations, whose members are qualified chiropractors. Thus it represents chiropractors practicing in countries as far apart as Japan and Brazil, Canada and Australia, South Africa and Finland. These are men and women who are often separated by race, creed, culture and even their approach to practice, but they are united in their love of the chiropractic profession and their desire to serve their communities.

"The WFC has become a vital international forum for the exchange of ideas and information on all subjects that are important to the chiropractic profession worldwide. It is not the WFC's role - nor does it have the capability - to dictate or regulate the tenets of practice, philosophy or education. It acts as a meeting point where important matters can be discussed, information can be exchanged, and research findings can be given platform.

"During its first 12 years of life, the WFC has held meetings and cosponsored congresses in countries around the globe. It has lent a helping hand to associations and individuals that have been threatened by legal action or adverse legislation. I know the value of this from the WFC's assistance with legislation in my home, Hong Kong. I emphasize, though, that the WFC has a strict policy of respecting the rights of chiropractors in their own country unless the national association there invites it to do so.

"There is a great surge of growth in chiropractic worldwide, with more colleges and universities offering chiropractic courses. While in Brazil in April, the WFC Council members attended the first graduation ceremony for chiropractors at Feevale University at Novo Hamburgo, Brazil. I feel confident that the WFC has now reached a point of maturity and general acceptance by the profession, and will continue to serve the chiropractic profession effectively as it now grows through the world."


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