Dynamic Chiropractic – September 1, 2001, Vol. 19, Issue 18

Flu and Viral Infections

By Cal Streeter, DO and Michael Epitropoulos, DC,PhD
How often are you asked, especially in the fall and winter months, "Should I get a flu shot?" Usually, it is someone whose business or place of work is administering the shots free to its employees; more often than not, it is a medical or nursing home facility where they really should know better.

The answer to the question should be "Why would you want to take a flu shot?" In the first place, this year's flu vaccine is either from last year's strain of flu virus, or from a strain that the Center for Disease Control guessed at. However, since Congress has mandated money to be used for a Medicare influenza vaccine demonstration project (69 million dollars in 1988-1992, and 87 million dollars to continue the project in 1993), we will continue to push these vaccinations on the unsuspecting American public. The truth is the statistical success rate among these seniors receiving the flu vaccine has been very poor, and if published by the media, would cause a major revolt against vaccination by the general public. The pharmaceutical industry certainly would not like that.

About the only effect the flu vaccine has is to weaken the immune system. Those of us who practice natural health and wellness believe that the resistance of the host is far more responsible for health and resistance to disease than is the virulence of the organism. Many of the vaccines used may have some other safety issues with documented evidence of at least one problematic substance known as SB-40, a carcinogen being present with full FDA knowledge. (Health Freedom News from the National Health Federation: Drugs, Bugs and Shots in the Dark by Christopher Kent,DC,PhD.)

As natural health and wellness providers, what are some of the steps we utilize in strengthening the immune system? First and foremost, detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations is the foundation. We can recommend proper hydration (drinking the same number of ounces of water as half of one's body weight), as well as juicing with carrots; beets; celery; cucumbers; and apple juices. Some of the more powerful natural immune boosters available include, but are not limited to: Beta-1, 3-D glucan, IP-6 and MGN-3. Linus Pauling has proved vitamin C in higher doses effective.

It is up to us as natural health and wellness practitioners to provide our patients with this type of information, and to spread it throughout our communities, as speakers. People need to know whom they can turn to for this type of care. They will come to realize that chiropractors help with more than just back pain.

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