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A Question of Ethics
Recently, after I had finished teaching a class on ethics, I  read a blog post on the AAAOM
website regarding "gainful employment." The published information made me reflect on what I had just discussed with the students — the acupuncturists' ethical responsibility to the patient, the profession and the public.

Chiro Poll Archives - 2003

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Do you talk to your patients about the importance of good nutrition for their infants?
December 23, 2003

Would you be interested in earning a Doctor of Naturopathy degree if the program was offered on evenings and weekends in 18 months or less including clinical training?
December 8, 2003

Do you believe that doctors of chiropractic and doctors of naturopathy can work together?
November 24, 2003

Do you believe that the American Medical Association's efforts to boycott chiropractic are still causing MDs to be reluctant to refer to DCs?
November 10, 2003

Compared to last year, is your practice:
October 27, 2003

Would you vote for a candidate for public office just because they were a strong supporter of chiropractic?
October 13, 2003

Do you believe any of your elected local officials (mayor, state legislator, etc.) are supporters of chiropractic?
September 29, 2003

Do you believe your Congressional representative is a supporter of chiropractic?
September 15, 2003

Do you believe your state's governor is a supporter of chiropractic?
September 2, 2003

Do you currently use an EMG machine?
August 18, 2003

Have you ever set up a chiropractic booth or display at a convention, shopping center or other commercial venue in order to educate the public about chiropractic and interact with potential new patients?
August 4, 2003

Do you utilize the term vertebral subluxation complex when talking to your patients?
July 21, 2003

How unified is the chiropractic profession today?
July 7, 2003

As a practicing doctor of chiropractic, do you consider your practice:
June 23, 2003

Have you ever had a malpractice claim?
June 9, 2003

Which type of chiropractic malpractice insurance policy do you have?
May 27, 2003

What is your current chiropractic malpractice insurance coverage rated according to A.M. Best?
May 12, 2003

Do you believe your malpractice insurance policy covers HIPAA privacy violations?
April 28, 2003

How effective is your state chiropractic association in meeting the needs of the chiropractic profession in your state?
April 14, 2003

How effective is the International Chiropractors Association in meeting the needs of the chiropractic profession in the United States?
March 31, 2003

How effective is the American Chiropractic Association in meeting the needs of the chiropractic profession in the United States?
March 17, 2003

Where do most of your new patients come from?
March 3, 2003

Which managed care organizations do you think are the most abusive to patients?
February 18, 2003

Have you or are you submitting electronic claims, checking eligibility and enrollment electronically or receiving authorizations or referrals electronically?
February 3, 2003

Have you had a reimbursement payment denied because your office was not considered HIPAA-compliant or because you failed to sign a "Business Associate Contract" with a third-party payer?
January 20, 2003

Have you been asked to sign a "Business Associate Contract" by any of the third party payers that you work with in accordance with HIPAA?
January 6, 2003

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How often do you reach out to patients who haven't visited your practice in six months or more?
Every few months
Every 3-4 months
Every six months or so
Once a year
Less frequently

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